2020 Honda E's New Platform Revealed, Efficient And Functional For Urban Driving

89th Geneva International Motor Show in Geneva
The new Honda E Prototype is displayed at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland March 5, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Denis Balibouse)

The new Honda E is underway, and as its launch dates come nearer, we get to know more about Honda's new electric vehicle, including the platform and the battery specifications it would have. Honda has set the goal for the Honda E to be the benchmark in terms of electric and sustainable cars in Europe and reportedly set that the new platform will help achieve excellent driving dynamics, especially in urban environments.

With its new hybrid already on the market, the Honda CR-V Hybrid, the next big bet of the Japanese brand will be the 2020 Honda E. It is the first Honda model that has been developed on a specific platform made for full-electric cars. This has allowed the brand to achieve an ideal set-up taking into account the characteristics of the mechanics that propel this vehicle. The objective? Achieve excellent driving dynamics, especially in urban environments.

The look of the new pure electric vehicle of Honda has already been reported to have a marked retro design inspired by the first generations of the Honda Civic. It is also said to not have side mirrors but instead will use cameras. If its exterior draws attention, its interior is not far behind, highlighting a dashboard with five screens, two of which show the images taken by the two exterior cameras that replace the classic rear-view mirrors.

Now Honda wants us to take a look inside the hood and gives more information about the platform and the battery specifications of the new Honda E.

The battery is put at a low height and centered between the axles. Placing the batteries in the center of its platform allow the 2020 Honda E to have a low center of gravity and have an ideal weight distribution of 50:50. All this, helped by independent suspensions in both axes and by having its motor in the back will give one a sensational dynamic behavior.

Another key feature of the new Honda E is that its electric motor generates high torque and is transmitted through the rear axle, which, according to the brand, allows more precise steering even during abrupt accelerations.

The tuning of the Honda E chassis and the independent suspension on all four wheels is another determining factor. The components of the suspension are made of forged aluminum, which helps to reduce the weight of the vehicle. The short overhangs of the new Honda electric car offer greater agility, which will facilitate maneuvers in tight spaces.

The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 35.5 kWh and is cooled by water. It reportedly can get a range greater than 200 kilometers and can be charged through a type 2 AC connection or a DC type quick charger type CCS2. The 80% recharge can be completed in 30 minutes, one of the fastest charging time in the industry. The charging port of the Honda e has been integrated into the hood and has an LED indicator to see at a glance the state of charge of the battery.

It is expected that the 2020 Honda e will be launched in Europe later this year. But it has already received more than 31,000 booking requests in Europe. One can book through Honda's UK website and pay around $8000 to book your Honda E. We’re still waiting to know the price as the car approaches production later this year.

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