More YG Artists Are Involved In Hanbin Drug Scandal And Amount Could Be 'Shocking', Han Seo Hee’s Lawyer Claims

Yang Hyun Suk has been accused of threatening Han Seo Hee over B.I's drug case.
Yang Hyun Suk has been accused of threatening Han Seo Hee over B.I's drug case.
(Photo: Yang Hyun Suk/Wikipedia, Han Seo Hee/Instagram)

Lawyer of Han Seo Hee, a key witness in the recent Kim Hanbin (B.I) drug scandal, claimed in an interview that many more YG Entertainment artists are involved in the scandal, and the amount could be "shocking".

The lawyer, Bang Jung Hyun, said that he suspects corruption within the police department as the police kept ignoring the evidence of the case. Police erased B.I from Han Seo Hee’s first questioning files in 2016.

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Bang Jung Hyun revealed that a lot more celebrity names were involved, "she(Han Seo Hee) says there are many more others involved. The amount could really be shocking."

However, the lawyer explained that this claim is just Han Seo Hee's testimony, "I can’t say much about this because its truth relies solely on her testimony."

He suspected YG Entertainment had been trying to prevent a domino effect of other artists from the company being called into questioning, "Entertainment companies......have numerous celebrities who are using drugs. They should be the ones preventing this in the first place......instead of trying to prevent [the use of drugs], they are using [drug tests] to be able to manage what happens with their celebrities easier."

Meanwhile, the lawyer claimed one of the celebrities involved in the scandal is a member of a boy group who tried to act as a mediator between Han Seo Hee and YG Entertainment.

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"A boy group member tried to conceal this scandal by acting as a mediator between YG Entertainment and [Han Seo Hee]...... It’s uncertain if he did it to try to get on the CEO’s good side or if he was ordered to do it," he said.

Furthermore, Dispatch also revealed WINNER’s Lee Seunghoon are involved in the scandal. In 2016, Lee sent her a message about B.I in a secret chat room and asked her to call back.

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