'Good Witch' Season 5 Episode 3: Will Grace's Problem Ruin Cassie And Sam's Honeymoon?

Sam and Cassie in 'Good Witch' Season 5
(Photo: Hallmark/YouTube)

It has been a long wait but Cassie Nightingale and Dr. Sam Radford are finally married in Good Witch Season 5. However, it looks like the wedding might just be the beginning of new problems for the family. The couple might be away to enjoy a nice honeymoon but that doesn't mean things will go smoothly for them. In addition to that, their kids Grace Russell and Nick Radford are having their own troubles back at home.

The wedding that everyone has been waiting for finally happened in the latter half of the two-part premiere episode The Forever Tree and it was truly magical. In addition to that, romance was truly in the air as Stephanie Borden connects with the hospital's chaplain while Abigail Pershing meets a mysterious stranger. But what are the chances that the positive vibes will continue in Good Witch Season 5 Episode 3? It looks like Cassie and Sam are already facing a few problems even as they go on their honeymoon.

A sneak peek at the episode 'The Honeymoon' shows the couple enjoying a nice dinner at a winery when the owner approaches them with a bottle of wine. Sam immediately points out that they have been told that the winery could be shut down by the next year. The owner realizes that the two had met her brother and apologizes if he had bothered them. The couple then assures her that it was fine but they are saddened by the idea of the winery closing down.

Interestingly, the owner shares that it was her parents that built the place and she hopes she could continue to make it a success. This is when Cassie offers mysterious advice for the owner. "There's nothing quite like a family tradition," she said before adding, "Sometimes thinking about yesterday can help get us through to tomorrow."

There is little doubt that Cassie and Sam will be helping the owner with her winery even though they are currently on their honeymoon. In the meantime, things are getting interesting for Abigail as she gets an unusual proposal in another sneak peek from Good Witch Season 5 Episode 3.

Could this mysterious man turn out to be the one for Abigail? Can Cassie and Sam help the owner save her winery? Tune in and find out when Good Witch Season 5 Episode 3 airs on the Hallmark Channel on June 16.

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