Nam Tae-hyun's Past Statements After Leaving WINNER Linked To YG Drug Scandal

Nam Tae-hyun's Past Statements After Leaving WINNER Linked To YG Drug Scandal
Nam Tae-hyun's Past Statements After Leaving WINNER Linked To YG Drug Scandal (Photo: Nam Tae-hyun INS)

Netizens are revisiting Nam Tae Hyun's past statements after his departure from WINNER.

In 2016, Nam Tae-hyun left WINNER and YG Entertainment. After leaving WINNER, during his solo debut, Nam Tae-hyun's finger tattoo that says "I DON'T DO DRUGS, I AM DRUGS" became a hot topic as artists from YG have always been embroiled in drug suspicions.

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Last year, he had written on his SNS and said, "If I ever went into detail about the reason I left, do you think I'd be the one negatively affected by it? Shut up while I keep it quietly buried and stop leaving hate comments."

His past statement is drawing attention once again and netizens believe his departure from WINNER is very "suspicious." Especially now, since iKON's B.I is currently embroiled in drug suspicions and circumstances that suggest that WINNER member Lee Seung-hoon tried to cover it up.

Following are hot comments from Korean netizens:

[+16,094, -154] I see...well at least I don't cheat on my significant other..

[+8,829, -140] You need to stay quiet ㅋㅋ your character is at rock bottom

[+2,857, -195] What? Bury what? Does he think this is loyalty? Or maybe he has some blackmail on them? Don't you think that you helped support the crimes by keeping quiet? Pick a side and stick to it~~

[+2,639, -196] So he knew all of YG's dark corners [secrets] all along ㅡㅡ
[+655, -18] So what? He isn't any different from them. He went on TV acting like he was sad about missing the support YG used to give him. He even sent video letters to Yang Hyun Suk too.

[+706, -173] Do you all think BLACKPINK is innocent on all this? They're not naive~

[+699, -20] In the meantime, YG fans are trying to put his cheating at the same level as drug use ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ he can cheat all he wants, he's still a better person than a druggie ㅋㅋ

[+421, -14] Yang Hyun Suk's personality was never the type to let an artist with years left in their contract just quietly go like that. I think both of them had blackmail on each other which is why Yang Hyun Suk just let him go and Nam Taehyun is keeping quiet in return.

[+423, -14] It's not like he submitted a public tip like Han Seo-hee did, he kept his mouth shut the whole time. No point in giving him credit for anything.

[+307, -59] WINNER fans are shielding the group by treating his cheating scandal at the same level as the drug scandal. Drugs have the power to eat away and ruin an entire society while cheating only affects the people in the relationship.

[+258, -18] I don't do drugs..but I cheat

[+247, -44] It looks like he's going to stay still for a while and let the rest of the women reveal it all..

[+232, -15] I'm pretty sure all YG artists know all the drug users in the company and that Yang Hyun Suk is trying to cover it all up. This means they're all problematic..I mean, even if drugs are tolerated at the company, even those who are silent are accomplices too.

[+137, -75] This is why he left the pharmacy ㅋㅋ

[+50, -5] Even though you're not a drug're still a trash human being~

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