First Lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump at the D Day Memorial in Normandy France, pictured with some veterans and ladies and gentlemen of the U.S. Army
Melania Trump was recently criticized and called ‘rude’ for wearing sunglasses at the D-Day memorial in France and an expert explains why. (Photo: @FLOTUS/Twitter)

The First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, was recently criticized and called 'rude' and 'disrespectful' for wearing sunglasses during the World War II commemoration in France, and an expert explained why.

The First Lady recently took some heat for a characteristic fashion choice she displays at public gatherings. She was caught at it during the 75th D-Day memorial in Normandy, and social media had been in a huff because she had kept her eyewear on during the event.

She was called many things when it happened, "tasteless" being one of the least, but a psychology expert in fashion has provided an explanation as to why the First Lady appears to favor the practice. A psychologist has put this habit of the FLOTUS as a means of shielding herself from the public eye.

The founder of the New York Fashion Psychology Institute, Dawnn Karen, studied Melania's fashion choices while the latter had been on last week's state visit to the United Kingdom, accompanying her husband, United States President Donald Trump.

As per Karen's scrutiny, Melania is said to be utilizing her sunglasses as a form of "shield." The fashion psychology pioneer from Columbia University explained that the First Lady has this inclination of using items such as the much-talked-about sunglasses, and hats as well, to keep herself inside an armor. This is said to be a sign she has been bullied in the past.

The First Lady has indeed gone on an interview on Good Morning America in the past where she had declared she was the "most bullied" individual worldwide. And she thinks this because of what she has recognized in what others "are saying" about her.

Melania has been a constant figure of public study since she has come into the wider public eye as the FLOTUS and the wife of the U.S. President. This is especially so, concerning her fashion choices.

As Karen interpreted it, the First Lady appears to place a lot of study into what she wears. For instance, her navy and white outfit during her visit with the Queen of England was away for Melania to come across as being someone of "integrity and trust."

The counseling psychology major further breaks it down to her explanation that Melania's white coat was an effort to present herself as someone with a great deal of integrity, as she appeared beside her husband. Karen also went on to stress that the blue in her outfit stood for "trust." The expert suggested it is the FLOTUS' manner of countering her husband's comments about some people.