'Big Brother' Season 21 Not An All-Star Season, Reveals Houseguests With Jeff Schroeder Ahead Premiere

Big Brother Season 21
This summer’s going to be EPIC! (Photo: BigBrother/Facebook)

It has been long speculated that Big Brother Season 21 will be an all-star season. The speculations started when everyone noticed that it is already time for this kind of installment. As it happened, the last time that the show featured an all-star set of houseguest was still in Season 7. So, most of the fans thought that it will be just fitting for the show to return with this kind of setup.

The rumors were further strengthened when Big Brother's key host, Julie Chen Moonves, posted an Instagram photo relating to the return of the show while wearing a black leather jacket that reads "All-Star."

But unfortunately, all the rumors were immediately debunked. Not long after the rumors started to make sense, the production confirmed that the new season will not feature an all-star cast. In fact, the show even numerously promoted the auditions and cast calls up to the last minute. So needless to say, Big Brother Season 21 will house a set of new and unknown guests.

On May 17, the casting director, Robyn Kass, tweeted publicly and informed that the final calls had been already made. And this is actually reported in detail by The Oprah Magazine.

A few days later, it has been announced that the houseguests' revelation will happen on June 17, which is just a few days before the new season premiere. And surprisingly, the new cast interviews will be hosted by its own Jeff Schroeder, who has been long missed since the early seasons.

Aside from Jeff Schroeder, it has been already confirmed that Julie Chen Moonves will return to host the new season. Hence, any speculation or rumor that she will not return is already put to rest.

Big Brother Season 21 is set to premiere on June 25 and June 26. And after its opening, the show will air three times a week on CBS during the Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday schedules. And as per Cartermatt, this only means that the summer season of the show will be much longer than the usual installments.

While many of the fans are happy to learn its new airing schedules, along with its new airing length, the publication worries that it would bring dull moments to the viewers of the show.

But even so, it is worth noting that this is Big Brother that we are talking about. And being one of the longest-running reality television series in recent times is already a tell that the show will continue to be meticulous when it comes to its airing decisions.

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