Designated Survivor Season 4
President Kirkman's team join forces to save a life on an all-new "Designated Survivor." (Photo: DesignatedSurvivor/Facebook)

Read at your own risk: This article contains major spoilers for Designated Survivor Season 3.

Everyone thought that Designated Survivor would no longer return for Season 3 after ABC cancelled the show last spring. But thanks to Netflix, the show continued its course.

Just last June 7, the new season has finally arrived on the streaming giant. And instead of the weekly installment arrival, the whole season was dropped allowing the viewers to fully enjoy the show in full season.

While this is a great material to binge-watch and finish within a few days, this makes the waiting game much longer. So now, the whole fandom is very much eager to know if there will be a new season of Designated Survivor as reported by Cartermatt.

Following the finale of the third season, Tom Kirkman was re-elected as the President. This means that if the series gets a season renewal, he will surely return come Season 4.

Also, the main players of the series are expected to return which includes Sasha, Penny, Isabel, Aaron, Dontae, and Mars. But as for Emily, who had an emotional moment during the last few minutes of the third season, many fans think that this was technically the end of her storyline. Even so, many viewers remained hopeful that she would come back if ever the show gets renewed.

Designated Survivor Season 3 left impressive marks on the viewers' end as per Digital Spy. In fact, the series has shown promising receptions and ratings upon its arrival on Netflix. Accordingly, many are looking forward to the streaming giant's renewal of the show.

However, it is still worth noting that Netflix's renewal decisions have become volatile these days. And this is in consideration of the apparent cancellations of their highly rated shows such as Santa Clarita Diet. So even if Designated Survivor has shown promising results recently, the future of Season 4 is still unknown as of the time being.

The fans would probably need to wait for a month or two before receiving the official renewal status of the show. And since the new season just arrived not more than two weeks ago, the renewal decisions will probably be known come July or August of this year.

But all in all, the whole fandom have remained positive and hopeful that Designated Survivor will return for a new season. And if this is going to be the case, then it might arrive in 2020 as per critics.