The Saddening Story Behind Melania Trump’s Fashion
The saddening thing about Melania Trump’s fashion is that she has to buy her clothes online since designers refuse to collaborate with her. (Photo: @FLOTUS/Twitter)

Melania Trump 'respects own rules' said CNN reporter Kate Bennett, who recently created a documentary for the aforementioned news channel centering on the First lady of the United States.

Bennett, who recently went on social media to plug her documentary on Mrs. Trump, shared in an interview recently that, having covered the activities of the First Lady for some two years and six months, she would understandably know the Slovenian-born former model "pretty well."

The reporter shared with Paris Match that, when she was preparing for her documentary, she had interviewed a lot of people, but there was only one point where all those had seemed to jive. All of her interview subjects, from historians to other news reporters, had a different conception of the real Melania Trump.

But there was one thing they all agreed on, though, and that was that the First Lady Melania is a "very independent" as well as a "very different" breed of first lady from the others who came before her. She had a different way of operating, accordingly, and did not go by the usual "rules."

When asked whether the First Lady was a sort of "trophy wife" for President Donald Trump, the Cover/Line co-author explained why that impression of Melania is "wrong." Despite how it may appear, it seems, the FLOTUS goes about her own way, doing what "she wants," in a discreet manner, pursuing that which she is comfortable with, utilizing only her meager but suitable staff.

It was revealed in this interview that the First Lady Melania had been the one to make that decision about visiting the Mexican border by herself. And when the news regarding the president's infidelity with the porn star Stormy Daniels had come out, she had made that decision to arrive separately at the State of the Union gathering. Those were her statements, although she does not play politics.

Bennett emphasized that Melania may be "different" from other first ladies who came before her, but she was much "involved" in that role. Regarding the perception that the First Lady Melania was a "sad" and "trapped" wife of the president who was "stuck" in the White House, the reporter shared that it was not the case.

As per her observations, Bennett says that Melania is the exact opposite of that, as other persons who have met and gotten to know her have found. Despite being of a different mold of First Lady, Melania is said to be quite "involved" in her role and find the White House "traditions and history" to be something she quite enjoys. The FLOTUS is also said to enjoy being a participant during celebrations as Christmas and Easter, and loves to tackle state dinner preparations.

According to the correspondent, Melania is not "unhappy," only "silent" and "mysterious." And while she will not indulge on "fake smiles," she does "take advantage" of this perception. As to her husband's next campaign, Bennett said that someone she interviewed for her documentary, Woman of Mystery, a spokesperson, shared that Melania and the President were not "real Siamese."

Although sharing like "political views" with her husband, she will not be present in the next campaign with him at all venues because she is not one to be involved in something she may not want, not even if the "campaign team" would want her there.

Another point that Bennett made during this interview was that Melania does not just court fashion for the sake of looking good. Fashion is a way for her to express herself, where she does not actually speak.