'The Spanish Princess' Episode 7 Spoilers: Will Catherine Defy Margaret Beaufort?

Catherine of Aragon in 'The Spanish Princess' Episode 7
(Photo: Starz/YouTube)

There are only two episodes left in the first season of The Spanish Princess and the stakes are certainly high for Catherine of Aragon. After her own sister Joanna of Castile has forged an alliance with the King of England, Catherine is now an easy target for Margaret Beaufort. But will Catherine still manage to control her destiny? Can Catherine take on the Lady Margaret in The Spanish Princess Episode 7?

In the episode 'A Polite Kidnapping', Joanna of Castile stood front and center as her own story was revealed. Joanna admitted that her own mother Isabella had repeatedly tortured her as a child. This should explain why Joanna had no interest in the mass that was held for the death of Isabella. However, their mother's death also had a depressing effect on Catherine.

With Isabella dead and Joanna now proclaimed the Queen of Castile, Margaret Beaufort worked quickly to secure an alliance with anyone other than Catherine. While Joanna and Henry negotiated on how to deal with the traitor Edmund de la Pole, Lady Margaret had a deal of her own. She suggested that Joanna didn't have to pay for Catherine's dowry and instead proposed the betrothal of Joanna's son Charles to Princess Mary Tudor. This would effectively push Catherine out of the picture and still secure an alliance with Spain.

Lady Margaret has her reasons for not wanting Catherine to marry Harry. After all, Elizabeth had seen a vision of the Tudor line coming to an end if Harry weds Catherine and that's hardly something that Lady Margaret wants. However, she may have underestimated Catherine, who is determined to return to power and tie the knot with the man she loves. But how will Catherine manage to control her own destiny in The Spanish Princess Episode 7?

The sneak peek for the episode 'All Is Lost' only shows Catherine rather briefly but it is a powerful scene. It shows Lady Margaret telling Catherine that Harry no longer wants to marry her. However, the young princess refuses to believe her. "Until he tells me to my face that he forsakes me, I believe in him," she tells Lina.

There's a plot against the King of England and it might finally be time for Catherine to take control of her destiny. Find out if she can defy Margaret Beaufort when The Spanish Princess Episode 7 airs on Starz on June 16.

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