Did 'Succession' Season 2 Trailer Hint At Kendall Roy Contemplating Suicide?

Kendall Roy in the 'Succession' Season 2 trailer
(Photo: HBO/YouTube)

The next season of Succession is going to be a huge one considering that Logan Roy has realized that his son Kendall Roy is plotting against him. However, there seems to be more to this story than just a mere betrayal. But can Kendall handle all the stress and pressure of having to deal with what he has done? The new trailer for Succession Season 2 hints at Logan's heir apparent contemplating suicide.

In the first season finale titled 'Nobody Is Ever Missing,' Kendall truly messed up. He had orchestrated a major plan to take over his father's company Waystar Royco and almost succeeded. Unfortunately, Kendall went on a drug binge during his sister Shiv Roy's wedding and accidentally killed a waiter. As a result, he must now beg Logan to protect him.

The second trailer for Succession Season 2 sees Logan Roy telling his family "it's war time" and that they need to "keep close" to "fight this takeover." Interestingly, Logan still wants Kendall back in his company, and it's something that Roman Roy isn't happy about. Nevertheless, one look from their father immediately stops Roman's threat to walk out. But is there another reason why Logan wants to keep Kendall close?

There's a lot of tension in the teaser as Shiv demands to know why their father is protecting Kendall. "I just can't say," he answers, but his siblings are understandably wary of him. At one point, they discuss whether Kendall might be a double agent and Roman even suggests that they should "burn him" to "see if he's a witch." Not surprisingly, all this is taking a toll on Kendall.

The trailer repeatedly shows Kendall at the top of the building looking down and seemingly contemplating jumping off. It's an emotional thought, but Logan seems to have plans to use his son against those who are scheming against the family. Could Kendall be the secret to Logan's victory? The truth may finally be unveiled in Succession Season 2.

The Roy family is certainly going to need all the help they can get. After all, it was already confirmed that Holly Hunter is joining the cast as the antagonist in the second season. Hunter will portray Rhea Jarrell, who is described as "the politically savvy CEO of a rival media conglomerate." The upcoming season is going to be truly exciting.

Succession Season 2 will premiere on HBO on August 11.

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