Jessica Biel Says She Is In Favor Of Vaccination, Then Claims Vaccines Are ‘Dangerous’ At California State Assembly

Jessica Biel Says She Is In Favor Of Vaccination, Then Claims Vaccines Are ‘Dangerous’ At California State Assembly
Jessica Biel says she is in favor of vaccination, then claims vaccines are ‘dangerous’ at a California State assembly. (Photo: jessicabiel/Instagram)

Jessica Biel recently addressed the rumors of her being anti-vaccination and cleared up how she is actually in favor of the opposite. However, someone present during her meeting with the state assembly in California revealed that the actress had referred to vaccines as being "dangerous" as well as "ineffective."

She was recently spotted hanging out with the likes of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., as she met with numerous California state lawmakers and a couple of reputable lawyers. This has driven fans to worry and speculate about the actress' stand on the mandatory vaccination, and many have concluded that Biel is anti-vaccination.

A lot of people have been questioning if Biel has become another anti-vaccination advocate because of the company she has been keeping. Kennedy, Jr., is a widely known environmental lawyer who is not only anti-vaccination but also promotes and advocates for the already discredited connection between vaccines and autism in children.

So the million-dollar question stands: Is she or is she not an anti-vaxxer?

Fortunately, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre actress just recently shed some light and addressed some of the speculations and allegations against her regarding the matter.

Biel took to Instagram to explain and defend herself. She explained the meetings with Kennedy, Jr., and most of the California state lawmakers and some reputable lawyers of the area.

The 37-year-old actress posted a picture of herself in Sacramento, California, wearing a cream blouse and blazer, matched with some sunglasses. In the photo's caption, she revealed that she is not against vaccination.

She elaborated that she has been talking to legislators in California about improving the provisions of a certain bill about mandatory vaccinations for children as a requirement to enroll in any public schools in the country. She said she is concerned about medical exemptions to this bill.

Her concern stemmed from the fact that she has a family friend whose child warrants an exemption from any form of vaccinations. She would like to help by being able to use her influence to voice out concerns like this one.

She then reiterated that she does believe in the importance of vaccinations, but also wanted to help give those doctors, with the patients they treat, the choice to decide what is best for their patient and to be able to provide the perfect treatment without any interference from the law.

The bill Biel is trying to speak up about and suggest more sound provisions of is the #SB276, which has been a part of a bigger argument in California over vaccinations. The bill has been, for years now, mandating that all children who enter public school must first be vaccinated.

However, the bill does not cater to any special medical conditions which call for an exemption of the much-beleaguered issue on vaccine shots. With the help of Biel, perhaps that will change really soon.

Despite that the 7th Heaven alum insisted on not being labeled as an anti-vaxxer, a recent report has revealed that, during a meeting at the State Capitol in California, the actress had shared with the group she met with that her son did not go by a regular vaccination schedule. At that point, the conversation was turned toward how those present believed that vaccines are "dangerous" as well as "ineffective."

According to the source, who was a staffer at the aforementioned office, Biel's misgivings about vaccine use had stemmed from her perceptions about it, contrary to what the actress and former vocalist claimed in her post (that she was making arguments heard in behalf of her abovementioned friend).

This same source shared that Biel had been given a vaccine schedule for her son, something the actress herself had related at the said meeting. However, the mother of one refused based on her claim that a friend's child experienced an "adverse reaction" after being given a dose. But whether this claim was true, was not made fully clear.

In the meeting, the Ely, Minnesota native made references to going from one doctor to another, to consult with someone who would entertain her "preference."

The same source commented, saying that Biel had "practically" confessed to "doctor shopping," which is the point that the SB276 wanted to avoid happening.

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