'The Blacklist' Season 7 Needs To Explore These Previous Seasons' Major Loose Ends

The mystery surrounding Red's real identity and the whole family continues in "The Blacklist" Season 7.
The mystery surrounding Red's real identity and the whole family continues in "The Blacklist" Season 7. (Photo: NBCBlacklist/Facebook)

The mystery surrounding Red's (James Spader) real identity and the family continue in The Blacklist Season 7. However, aside from his true personality, the show, in general, has all sorts of enigmas since it started. So, do the events from the previous seasons have a connection with the incoming installment and will there be a callback?

The show has a lot of loose ends that remain untied until now. Will fans finally have the answers they want in The Blacklist Season 7?

Early on in the series, Red put the Takoma House Park in a fire for holding too many painful memories. Although the scene itself was a huge event, the show didn't delve that much into what happened. There was also a little girl who was blowing bubbles in the flashbacks, but that was even unresolved, per CarterMatt.

Diane Fowler's (Jane Alexander) secret about the Reddington family died with her. Although she tried to tell it to Red before he killed her, he just ignored all of it. The revelation that Diane held remained to be a big mystery until today.

There was also a mystery surrounding a young ballerina. Red was a regular contributor to a ballet production, but only if this little girl would perform. However, there seemed to be a timeline error due to the time it was presented, but it was earlier revealed that Liz also did ballet when she was younger. Is the ballerina girl in the flashbacks is Liz?

Red also had a revelation to Madeline Pratt (Jennifer Ehle) about a bloody incident that occurred around Christmastime when he came home after running out of gas. However, it remained to be a big mystery if this bloodbath actually transpired and if he was talking about the burning of the Takoma Park House and what happened to his family.

Are these events all related and will be finally explored in The Blacklist Season 7? It may be possible that the young ballerina and the girl blowing bubbles are the same. It may be the young Liz and the family that Fowler was pertaining. Also, if Ilya Koslov (Gabriel Mann) is the real Red, these memories may be an unexplored part of the timeline that may be dug in in the new season. 

It looks like a lot is about to happen in the new season. There is also a possibility a new character is about to come after Mozhan Marno's exit. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, series creator Jon Bokenkamp revealed there are talks and possibilities for a new character to come now that Samar (Marno) is gone - both in the task force and Red.

"You can see with Red one of the things we like to do is to bring in and introduce new and different and unusual people, and I think the task force is no different," he explained. So, fans have to wait and see if there would be new characters coming to The Blacklist Season 7.

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