Top 5 Best Spots In Davao City That Will Give You Ultimate Nature Experience

If you want to have an ultimate nature experience, Davao City is the best place for you.
If you want to have an ultimate nature experience, Davao City is the best place for you. (Photo: Jim De Francia/Flickr)

If you want to have an ultimate nature experience, Davao City is the best place for you. The largest urban center in Southern Philippines holds several wildlife sanctuaries and natural attractions that will make you feel close to the environment. So if being close to nature is your thing, here are the five top spots that nature lovers will surely love in the third largest metropolitan area on the southern island of Mindanao.

Philippine Eagle Center

Your visit to Davao City will never be complete without going to Philippine Eagle Center. Here, you can see the country's pride - the national bird Philippine Eagle.

According to Detourista, all of the money the attraction receives goes to eagle conservation and education. The center is working toward one goal: to protect the now-endangered eagle species. Aside from the Philippine eagle, you can also see snakes, monkeys, and a wide array of endangered plant species here.

Eden Nature Park

Eden Nature Park is located at the foot of Mount Talomo. It spans 80 hectares and houses exotic birds, plants, flowers, and even insects.

This wildlife sanctuary is only man-made, but it boasts great sceneries like 100,000-tall forest trees and about 100,000 pine trees. With its wide expanse, the place offers a 45-minute shuttle tour for those who can't walk that much to see every beauty this park holds.

Crocodile Park

Another famous tourist destination in Davao City is the Crocodile Park. This place is the home to thousands of crocodiles in the country.

It has both freshwater and saltwater crocodiles that already bred and born here. You can even visit its incubator room where you can see hundreds of eggs that are waiting to be baby crocs.

Crocodile Park offers educational tours, lectures, and public awareness of wildlife conservation efforts, per the Crazy Tourist. Aside from crocodiles, you can also see monkeys, snakes, bird, and other reptiles here.

Kopiat Island

Davao City's beaches are truly one of a kind and a must see, and one of those is Kopiat Island. The isolated island will surely make you feel relax with its majestic beauty of wildlife and nature.

To go here, you can try a group tour that offers a visit to Lubi or coconut plantation, a taste of authentic Davao City food, coffee, and dessert. You can also hire a private boat if you want to explore the beaches on your own.

Mount Apo

Davao City is near in Mount Apo and visiting the "King of Philippine Peaks" will surely be your ultimate nature experience. Its peak reaches an elevation of 10,311 feet, which is 3,144 meters about sea level.

Mount Apo has a 500-meter wide crater lake that is produced by volcanic activity. Here, you can see rubber plantations, the 150-meter tall waterfall Tudaya Falls, and wild animals like boar and deer.

These are only five of the best spots you can see in Davao City. There are still a lot of beautiful places you can explore on this island in the Phillippines that will surely give you the ultimate nature experience. 

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