‘Doom: Eternal’ Will Remain True To Its Classic, Shoot-Em-Up Gameplay

doom eternal
A poster for the upcoming video game title Doom: Eternal. (Photo: Flickr/Instacodez)

"Doom: Eternal" is breaking ranks in terms of how its gameplay is designed and presented. With much of the video game industry focusing more on immersive gameplay and interconnectivity through online multiplayer, "Doom: Eternal" developers said that the upcoming title would focus more on entertainment.

While this description is a little vague, many believe that the developers meant that the upcoming video game title would stay committed to its roots - a classic, shoot-em-up title with lots of gore. While this type of gameplay design will sacrifice complex storytelling and immersive experience, it will no doubt compensate for high-adrenaline levels, something that is really in short supply nowadays in the video game industry.

Over the span of the past few decades and with the introduction of more powerful gaming hardware, video game developers have started to experiment with ways on how to completely immerse players into the game. Branching storylines, cinematic presentation, and multiplayer coop missions are just some of the features that are now stapled in most triple-A titles. Nevertheless, it is a breath of fresh air that "Doom: Eternal" developer, id, decided to pull something out of a classic videogame playbook.

In a recent statement, "Doom: Eternal" executive producer Marty Stratton said, "Engagement is a key word for us. No matter what you're doing, we really do try to make everything worth your time. The whole game is about being worth your money, worth your time, and worth your thought and your engagement."

While some might suggest that the game's formula is a little outdated, the fact that "Doom: Eternal" predecessor, "Doom," was such a huge hit when it hit the shelves way back in 2016 is a testament that it works. The 2016 title ultimately won Best Action Game of 2016 from The Game Awards.

"Doom: Eternal" is expected to stay true to its predecessors, that means it will be a shootfest full of blood, chaos, and violence. The game is designed mainly to be a single-player game. There is also a multiplayer feature called Invasion where players can join and help other players' single-player campaign. A standard multiplayer mode is also available.

"Doom: Eternal" is a sequel to the 2016 first-person shooter title "Doom." The game is developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. The Game is expected to be released on Nov. 22, 2019. It is available on a number of platforms including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and the Google Stadia.

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