Nintendo Switch Zelda
If a new rumor is true, players will soon get to enjoy Xbox titles on the Switch. (Photo: Sinchen.Lin/Flickr)

Nintendo's preference for releasing several variants of handheld gaming devices like the Nintendo 3DS causes some to speculate that it will do the same with the Nintendo Switch. Since the hybrid console was released, there were several claims that Nintendo would soon launch several Nintendo Switch models. But, reports surfaced recently claiming that the hybrid console maker is currently developing two new Nintendo Switch models that are now in production.

Assuming that these reports are true, it appears that we will soon see a couple of new Nintendo Switch models. It can be recalled that last March, the Wall Street Journal reported that the new Nintendo Switch models would be launched within 2019. There were earlier speculations that the new variants of the hybrid console might get a reveal during the E3 2019 event. 

Sadly E3 came and went without any news or hardware revealed. Recently though, the Wall Street Journal reported that a couple of new models of Nintendo Switch are currently in production in Southeast Asia. Since the news outfit is reporting mostly about the trade war between the US and China and its effect on video game manufacturers. It also revealed some details on the alleged variants of Nintendo Switch.

The report says that aside from the two new rumored models of the hybrid console; the company has already moved its production in Southeast Asia. The report also reveals that one of the new Nintendo Switch systems will have a similar form factor as the current model but with better components. The other new Nintendo Switch model will sport a different look and much lower specs making it the lesser expensive model.

With the report claiming that the two new models of Nintendo Switch are currently in production, it is apparent that the company is preparing for a potential release window this holiday season or before it begins. The upcoming title "Pokemon Sword and Shield" is on the horizon and releasing a less expensive variant could trigger a spike in sales.

When asked about the report released by the WSJ, the hybrid console maker declined to comment. So far, it is not yet official if there are indeed a couple of new models of Nintendo Switch that are in production. Therefore, it is still unclear when the hybrid console maker is going to make the announcement if they are indeed real.

Aside from the two new consoles, Nintendo Switch users are looking forward on the arrival of "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" and the sequel of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" on the console.