Honda's logo on its Modulo model is pictured at its showroom at its headquarters in Tokyo
Honda's logo on its Modulo model is pictured at its showroom at its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, February 19, 2019. (Photo: REUTERS/Kim Kyung-hoon)

The 2020 Honda City is already running and is spotted in Thailand. The compact sedan of the Japanese brand is still well camouflaged, but already with its definitive body. The spied model presents a look clearly inspired by the Honda Civic and Accord and is said to launch in 2020 at the São Paulo Motor Show.

The images posted on the Drive Master page on Facebook, show that Honda City's fifth generation will be longer and wider than the current one. Despite the camouflage, one can see some details such as the front looking more like the Honda Civic with its elongated LED headlight and a wide grille that goes until the bumper. The front has a two-tier grille, one with the chrome bar and the Honda logo, while a grille appears just below. The full LED headlights will have a harmonic design being leveled over by a wraparound hood.

The photo of the rear also reveals some interesting things, with a more traditional roof drop than the Civic, pulling more into the Accord. The lanterns seem to invade a little from the side of the car and use LED bulbs. Another detail is a spoiler over the trunk lid. The bumper is a bit pronounced, but without the pretense of increasing the size of the Honda City 2020.

Although there are no images of the interior of the new Honda City, we can expect it to be redesigned to look more like the Honda Civic, and receive more equipment. What is really expected of the 2020 Honda City is that it will come with traction and stability controls, ramp start assistant, as well as electric steering integrated into the set.

Another point that is practically certain in some markets is the arrival of the 1.0 VTC Turbo engine of 127 horses and CVT exchange. Only these two points will already greatly help the car here.

As for the engine, the 1.0-liter VTC Turbo engine of 127 horsepower in gasoline of the fourth generation Honda City will now reach 128 or 130 horsepower with ethanol, matching the top rivals on the market. With more than 18 kgfm in low rotation and a lot of new design, the 2020 Honda City should be much more efficient in consumption, even more with CVT.

Rumors also point out that the new Honda City will have hybrid variants, one with a light 48V system and another with the same mechanics as the Insight sedan, with two electric motors and one combustion. This same set will be used by the new Honda Fit.

Rumors said that the new Honda City would make its debut in Asian stores first in 2020 and then after a few months will be marketed globally. A possible launch in the International Auto Show in Thailand or the São Paulo Motor Show is also reported.