Stana Katic headlines the psychological drama "Absentia" on Amazon. (Photo: AbsentiaSeries/Facebook)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Absentia season 1 and 2 that may influence your enjoyment in discovering the plotlines. Read at your own risk.

Absentia season 2 has launched on the Amazon streaming platform last Friday, June 14, with 10 episodes. Subscribers wasted no time binging the new episodes and now have one question in mind -- will there be an Absentia season 3?

Amazon has yet to announce the show's renewal for a third season. This isn't surprising or indicative of bad news, however, since it also took the Amazon a while to renew Absentia for the second season, per Deadline.

Stana Katic has been grateful for the fan support on the release of Absentia season 2. On Twitter, the actress acknowledged that the series has "really hit the globe" thus it might have a good chance of scoring an Absentia season 3 renewal.

According to Amazon Adviser, the decision to renew Absentia season 3 doesn't solely rely on the streaming platform. A few other things have to be taken into account since Absentia also airs on different networks in other regions. 

Absentia is produced by Sony for its cable network partner AXN. The second season aired months earlier on this channel, which is geared for a global audience before the episodes became available on Amazon for U.S. subscribers. 

Meanwhile, viewers who have yet to discover or catch up on the show should know that this dark and twisty series has been gaining a strong following outside of the United States. Initially, Absentia delved on the rebirth of Emily Byrne (Katic) after she escaped her six-year captivity and sought revenge from her captor by the end of the first season. In Absentia season 2, Katic told Digital Spy that while a few mysteries have been resolved, Emily still has to come to terms with the trauma from her captivity. 

"So where season one in so many ways was about us as an audience, and whether we could trust Emily, season two is more about 'Can Emily trust herself?', so we experience her psychological journey much more intimately in the second season," the actress said. 

There are still plenty of stories to explore from this series following the end of the second season. Absentia season 3, on the other hand, could dig deeper into Emily's past, in light of the fact that it was revealed she'd been part of a complicated experiment into post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Absentia season 1 and season 2 are currently streaming on Amazon for U.S. subscribers.