Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Dating: Did Julia Roberts Caused Problem Between Tom Cruise, Kristin Grannis' Exes?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx
Katie Holmes is, reportedly, furious after learning that Jamie Foxx and Julia Roberts were seen flirting with each other. (Photo: Entertainment Tonight/YouTube Screenshot)

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx continue to keep details of their relationship as private as possible. Just last year, the former wife of Tom Cruise and the Django Unchained actor were spotted holding hands in public, which confirmed the real score between them. It is believed that Katie and Jamie's relationship began in 2012, but new reports suggested that it could hit rock bottom soon because of Julia Roberts.

Rumors have it that Katie got furious after learning that Jamie and Julia are "getting cozy" with each other lately. The Robin Hood and Pretty Woman stars were, reportedly, sighted together at AFI Life Achievement Award Ceremony in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. It was claimed that Jamie and Julia's interaction did not appear to be platonic at all.

"It looked like there were more compliments being exchanged between Julia and Jamie," an unnamed source, allegedly, told NW. "They are both huge flirts at the best of times and this was no exception," the same tipster went on. It added that Jamie Foxx could not stop looking at Julia Roberts and the actress, reportedly, loved the attention she was getting from Katie Holmes' boyfriend.

The informant furthered that Jamie's arm was seen around the waist of the Notting Hill star. Sightseers, reportedly, noticed the two personalities flirting back and forth to each other. Because of this, it is now being claimed that Katie is upset that she demanded her boyfriend to stop seeing Julia, so she won't have to compete for Jamie's attention. Besides that, the former partner of Tom Cruise, reportedly, got furious after learning that Jamie and Julia have been communicating behind her back.

While some fans think that there is truth on this NW story, Gossip Cop questioned the publication's reliability and claimed that these are all made-up. The fact-checking entertainment news website stated that it is impossible for Jamie Foxx and Julia Roberts to be flirting with each other since the actress is happily married to Danny Moder, who is her partner for 17 years. The outlet, reportedly, asked Katie Holmes' representative about the issue and it learned that the claims are all made-up.

Gossip Cop noted that NW is the very same publication that broke the news about Katie and Jamie's supposed wedding in Paris last year. The news outlet even stated that the magazine "has zero insight" into the relationship of Tom Cruise and Kristin Grannis' former partners. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx!

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