After its explosive premiere episode, "City on a Hill" Episode 2 is expected to continue what it has started.
After its explosive premiere episode, "City on a Hill" Episode 2 is expected to continue what it has started. (Photo: SHOWTIME/YouTube Screenshot)

Warning: This article contains spoilers for City on a Hill Episode 2, titled "What They Saw in Southie High," that may spoil your enjoyment in discovering its plotlines. Read at your own risk.

City on a Hill started with a big bang. In just one episode, it already established a fascinating drama with a twisted storyline. Now that Episode 2 is about to come out, everyone is expecting the show is going to continue what it has started.

"After an eventful Sunday at church, Decourcy [Aldis Houge] finds out he has a powerful new enemy in town - one that puts his wife Siobhan [Lauren E. Banks] in an awkward position," City on a Hill Episode 2 official synopsis read. "Jackie [Kevin Bacon] is stirring up trouble in his own home, and his distrustful mother-in-law, Rosa, is onto him."

City on a Hill is set in Boston, at the time when the corruption triumphantly runs through almost all of its streets. Decourcy is an Assistant D.A. who comes to town to clean up its streets.

However, Jackie doesn't see it that way. Bacon's role is used to live in the way he knows. He will also say whatever he wants, no matter how offensive it is.

So in City on a Hill Episode 2, viewers may get to see how Decourcy and Jackie will work together, per CarterMatt. Jackie may have no reason to bond with Decourcy, but he may soon realize their partnership is what their city needs. 

Jackie and Decourcy may eventually rely on each other. Jackie may also become a better person because of Decourcy.

Aside from street crimes, City on a Hill is also about family. The show successfully incorporates Jackie and Decourcy's families into its narrative. It is not only about these two guys being tough on the streets, but they are also displaying a level of care as they are showing concern to people around them.

City on a Hill is executive produced by the best pals Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. According to Cosmopolitan, the show has received a big amount of media attention due to its star-studded list of producers.

The show dropped its premiere episode on Friday, June 7, at 9 p.m. on Showtime. But as not everyone had the chance to see it, viewers could also catch it on the network's streaming service, Showtime Anytime. It is also on Hulu.

It is also available for free on Showtime Anytime app and site. And if ever it catches viewers' interest, they can continue watching City on a Hill Episode 2 on Hulu by signing up for a free one-month trial. "What They Saw in Southie High" is set to be out on Sunday, June 23, on Showtime.