iPhone X - Notch
iPhone X - Notch (Photo: William Hook/Instagram)

Apple is now seeding Beta 2 of iOS 13, meaning the new software to power all compatible iPhone models is now ready to download provided one has a developer account. As the tech giant has indicated on the accompanying release note, the latest installment is designed for exclusive use by "software developers to test their apps and start adopting the new technologies in iOS."

When iOS 13 was introduced during the 2019 WWDC keynote, Apple has made clear that not all iOS devices will be able to get the sequel to iOS 12. For instance, the iPhone 5S has been cut from the list so compatibility starts with the iPhone SE, the entire iPhone 6 and 6S line, the iPhone 7 and 8 models, and the iPhone X and XS variants.

But as already mentioned, owners of these devices will need to be acknowledged as iOS developers before gaining entry into iOS 13. Per MacRumors: "Registered developers will need to download the profile for the iOS 13 ... betas from Apple's Developer Center. Beta 2 can be downloaded over the air after the profile has been installed and the iPhone or iPad has been restarted."

It wouldn't hurt too to make a backup first before installation just to make sure there is something to return to in case of an unforeseen disaster. Or the best thing to do, according to BGR, is to put the latest iOS 13 beta release on a device "you are prepared to erase if necessary."

It should be noted, however, that the Beta 2 is less troublesome than the first. In terms of performance and stability, there certainly is a significant boost from Beta 1 that advanced users will see. Notably, this version of iOS 13 is easier to install as it is available over-the-air.

And things will only get easier in the coming weeks, according to 9to5Mac, as Beta 3 is expected to come out in July. At around the same time, iOS 13 Public Beta 1 will become live and ready to rock. As the name indicates, the public beta will be the general preview version that is cleaner and smoother than the previous releases.

That would mean key compelling features that iOS 13 will debut such as Dark Mode and Apple Sign-in will be ready for a public test drive, and users can expect a more hassle-free experience.

The final cut of iOS 13 will be officially out between September and October 2019, which is the same time that Apple will release the 2019 iPhone models that are rumored to take the name iPhone XI.