Top Lakers Free Agency Targets To Build Lakers Big Three With LeBron And Davis

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at New Orleans Pelicans
The Los Angeles Lakers continue to negotiate with the New Orleans Pelican to get their star player Anthony Davis. And although the Pelicans now have new demands for the trade to commence, Lakers is willing to do anything to get Davis and after that, offer a maximum contract for Jimmy Butler to establish their big three with Lakers star Lebron James. (Photo: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports)

The Los Angeles Lakers have been very busy assembling a Championship caliber team, and it seems that they have only begun. After spending almost a year behind the Anthony Davis trade, the franchise was able to close the deal with the New Orleans Pelicans. Now the focus is on the free agency market, which opens on June 30. The main goal is to build the big three or another player to play with Davis and LeBron James. Here are some of the Lakers top free agency targets.

Kawhi Leonard

After making history as it brings Toronto Raptors its first ever NBA title in 24 years, Kawhi Leonard is a man free to choose his destiny from now on. We know that Kawhi's main interest is winning titles, and the Los Angeles Lakers have become one of the favorite contenders. Kawhi would like to play in a city where his lifestyle is optimal, as is the city of Los Angeles, which is also his birthplace. Leonard also does not appreciate being the protagonist of the news, and with LeBron James and Anthony Davis as his partner, this may just be possible.

Kawhi is yet to announce if he will exercise his player option or be part of the free agency. However, as early as now, Lakers fans are shouting his name as the dominance that can result from a team that has Davis, LeBron and Kawhi could be something historic and unmatched.

Jimmy Butler

Butler has already rejected his player option, amounting to $19.8 million and will be a free agent. He has made it clear that he wants a maximum contract and that he wants to fight to be a champion. The Sixers want to go to a team that can offer him a higher salary for five years, and the Lakers can do that. Butler has also been linked with the Knicks and Nets, but in recent days there have been reports of mutual interest between Butler and the Lakers.

Kemba Walker

Kemba's name which had already been on the table in recent weeks, reappeared in the statement of Marc Stein of New York Times as soon as the Davis trade left the Lakers without their starting base, Lonzo Ball. Kemba would be an electric option next to LeBron and Davis. He comes from the best season of his career, he is 29 years old and wants to earn more than he has in his years with the Hornets.

However, his involvement with the franchise in which he has played his entire NBA career since 2011 is deep. The idea of ​​playing with LeBron James and Anthony Davis is tempting, but taking the Charlotte Hornets out of position will not be as easy. The player always says he wants to stay in Charlotte and would even have the intention of renewing his contract for a more modest amount, all to help his current team.

Kyrie Irving

Probably one of the most sensational acquisition, if it comes into fruition, is Kyrie Irving. Kyrie left the Cavaliers to get away from the shadow of LeBron James, but last season, with one in the Celtics and one in the Lakers, the base called the forward, and an absolute reconciliation was made. That opened the way for rumors of a possible reunion. Kyrie comes from a bitter season in Celtics in which he promised to continue in October but now has more than one foot out. The Knicks were an option, there has been a lot of talk about a meeting there with the now injured Kevin Durant. But Sam Amick of The Athletic ensures that there's a high possibility of Irving going to the Lakers, especially because one of his dreams is to play alongside Davis.

Khris Middleton

The 27-year-old forward has long ceased to be the Bucks' best-kept secret. However, it was just reported that the all-star will reject his $13 million player option to be a free agent. He is almost a superstar, and he would certainly be an ideal player to share the track with LeBron and Davis. In principle, the Bucks, who have won 60 games and were two victories away from the NBA Finals, want to maintain their achievement and is trying to prevent Giannis Antetokounmpo from leaving the team rather than Middleton. Here is where Lakers can enter and can offer Middleton $140 million for four years.

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