He is now "Worldwide Sexy."
He is now "Worldwide Sexy." (Photo: BTS/Facebook)

K-pop idols are daring yet conservative at the same time. They wear the sexiest outfits — but only if they have to. This goes to both male and female idols.

Female idols would wear the skimpiest dresses and shortest skirts possible during their performances. But when it’s time for them to sit down or do some interviews, covering their legs with pillows and blankets is a complete must.

This is the same case with male idols. Most of them would wear extremely tight clothes, or unbutton their shirts, but would never dare flaunt their body parts if they’re not performing — this is what happened to BTS’s Jin.

Last weekend, BTS held the "Magic Shop" fan meeting event fan as part of the Busan leg. Avid followers of the South Korean group were pleased to see their idols perform some of their rarely performed hits such as "Dimple," "Ddaeng," "Pied Piper," and "Whalien 52."

But their performances were not the only things that made ARMYS scream. The Worldwide Handsome almost caused fans a mini heart attack when he accidentally exposed his arms when he took his jacket off.

Although Jin had worn shirts before that showed off his arms, he exposed a little more skin than he was ready for at the event. After realizing that he unknowingly hiked up his sleeve, quickly pulled his sleeve down. But his correction was a little too late for eagle-eyed fans.

If there is one thing every member of BTS agrees on, it’s that the group’s visual, Jin, is extremely good-looking. Calling him “worldwide handsome” is no exaggeration at all. Last year, a famous foreign plastic surgeon examined and analyzed 269 different Asian faces. While doing so, Jin's face caught the attention of the surgeon as the BTS member possessed the "golden ratio" of 1:1.618.

The attention to Jin's incredible handsomeness all started when BTS first arrived at the BBMAs in 2017. There was a lot of buzz around the boys on social media.

After the group’s attendance on the red carpet, everyone started to ask who the gorgeous guy was standing third from the left. It was none other than our visual prince, Jin. Now, he can be called “worldwide sexy” after accidentally exposing his arms.

Jin is so much more than just a handsome face. His angelic voice alone is enough to make everyone fall in love with him in no time! Every time he is performing his solo song “Epiphany,” the crowd falls just a bit deeper.