Report: Pelicans Find New Franchise Star In Duke's Zion Williamson

The Road To Greatness Starts Here
Talent and marketability will make Zion Williamson the face of the NBA. (Photo: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports/Reuters)

The New Orleans Pelicans had to make a tough decision, adding three former first-round picks and three future ones. The Los Angeles Lakers now have Anthony Davis to go with LeBron James, but what about Zion Williamson?

Everyone knows the Duke superstar by now. He is the subject of viral video clips - with his soaring dunks and amazing athleticism that permits him to extraordinary things, like sprinting from the paint to block a Virginia corner three-pointer into the stands. Anyone who has seen Williamson during his college season knows for a fact that he has the potential to become consensus No. 1 draft pick.

As the projected No. 1 overall pick to the New Orleans Pelicans come Thursday, Williamson could end up in any other team, and he'd still emerge the winner, said ESPN analyst Jalen Rose.

"This is great for Zion," Rose said this morning on Get Up! "It allows the Pelicans to have a blank canvas, in theory, to build around what a lot of people feel is going to be a game-changing talent. He shouldn't be in a locker room with Anthony Davis and seeing the dysfunction he has with the Pelicans. Give him a chance to start his own relationship with the NBA and with that franchise."

Williamson has always been the top choice to enter any NBA draft since Davis in 2012, and lucky for the Pelicans, who managed to win the NBA draft lottery a month ago, they have the right to choose the young basketball start first overall.

Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry and the team's new executive vice-president of basketball operations David Griffin both declined to announce their draft intentions, but when asked about the surmounting pressure of making the right decision, Gentry let out a small laugh and said: "Really very little. Minimal, OK? I think we'll make the right decision."

Anyone who has been following college basketball last year, watched ESPN, stalked on social media or whatnot won't be surprised if Williamson makes it to become the No. 1 pick by the New Orleans Pelicans. And boy, did he.

The young basketball star is currently one of the most watched out NBA prospects since Lebron James in 2003. A natural-born athlete who treats dunks as if they were an everyday chore, it's safe to say that Williamson will quickly become the face of the Pelicans and build a name for himself soon.

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