The Sony Playstation logo is seen at the Paris Games Week (PGW), a trade fair for video games in Paris
The Sony Playstation logo is seen at the Paris Games Week (PGW), a trade fair for video games in Paris, France, October 25, 2018. (Photo: REUTERS/Benoit Tessier)

In the coming months, the gaming industry will experience the Battle of TFLOPS. Both gaming console giants Sony and Microsoft are poised to release their next-generation consoles the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett. And, both will try to outmuscle each other; but it appears that it is the PlayStation 5 that has the upper hand in the competition if the recent reports are to be believed.

It can be recalled that last week, several speculations surfaced suggesting that the PlayStation 5 is much faster and more powerful than the Xbox Scarlett. The rumors and speculations arose after Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Scarlett at the E3 2019 event. The unveiling is more than enough to fan the flame of the unending comparison between the two gaming console giants.

It was only Microsoft which revealed some of the specs of the Xbox Scarlett, Sony's PlayStation 5 was not even totally revealed yet. Despite the lack of official specs details, speculations and rumors still ensued. But, a new report claims that developers who have tried both gaming consoles have definitely ruled out that one of the two next-generation consoles is more powerful than the other.

IGN editor Colin Moriarty, in his most recent podcast episode, revealed that the PlayStation 5 is much more powerful than Microsoft's Xbox Scarlett based on the reports of developers who were sent the developer kit of both systems. Although it is true that the final specs details are yet to be unveiled and the ones in the dev kits could be different from the final specs, there is still a good chance that the report could be accurate. In fact, this is not the first time that we heard that the upcoming next-generation console from the Japanese tech and gaming giant is much powerful than that of Microsoft's.

Since it was unveiled, many game developers have been giving positive remarks about the performance of the PlayStation 5. In June, Toshiro Nagoshi, the general director of the popular series "Yakuza" said that the PS5 has amazing processing power and that its edge could be its machine learning and artificial intelligence capability.

According to Nagoshi-san, we are all aware that the processing power of PlayStation 5 is incredible, so when you think of new gameplay that will fully utilize the console's full potential, he said that he is not sure which specific aspect of the powerful console and its existing mechanics they should translate. The director noted that before it was the graphics that were improved followed by network features, but now, he underlined that it's a return to a possible programmable era.