The Good Doctor
Richard Schiff and Freddie Highmore star in "The Good Doctor" on ABC. (Photo: TheGoodDoctorABC/Facebook)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Good Doctor season 2 that may influence your enjoyment in discovering the plotlines. Read at your own risk.

The Good Doctor season 3 cast is preparing to return to work. Led by Freddie Highmore (as Dr. Shaun Murphy), the group has gone back to the set to discuss the upcoming season with the writers.

A photo of Highmore with Antonia Thomas (as Dr. Claire Browne), Hill Harper (as Dr. Marcus Andrews), Paige Spara (as Lea) and Tamlyn Tomita (as Allegra) was posted on The Good Doctor Twitter profile to signal that the stars have reconvened for the third season. Although they were not in the photo, cast members Nicholas Gonzalez (as Dr. Neil Melendez), Will Yun Lee (as Dr. Alex Park), Richard Schiff (as Dr. Aaron Glassman), Christina Chang (as Dr. Audrey Lim) and Fiona Gubelmann (as Dr. Morgan Reznick) are also expected to be back on the set. 

Other casting announcements have yet to be revealed in the coming weeks. Principal photography is expected to be underway in late June. 

Details about The Good Doctor season 3 have not made its way to the press, but Highmore told Deadline he would be directing another episode in the new season. The actor also said that, if he has the time, he could go back to writing scripts for The Good Doctor season 3, as he did in the second season. 

Highmore confirmed that his character would be exploring dating in The Good Doctor season 3. Last season, the show closed with Shaun, who has autism, asking one of his colleagues out on a date for the first time. 

"The idea of finishing a whole season with a character simply asking someone out, and then being happy to have gotten a positive answer, is just so beautiful," Highmore said. 

But while Shaun picked Carly (played by Jasika Nicole) to be his first dating experience, some fans prefer Shaun to date Claire in The Good Doctor season 3. Since meeting Shaun three years ago, Claire has been able to understand how to communicate well with him, and he has confided to her on several instances. 

The writers hint that The Good Doctor season 3 will be more about Shaun exploring this social side. It will be an eye-opening season as the show explores what it's like to be dating when you're in the spectrum; thus, Shaun won't likely have a serious girlfriend when this season is over.

ABC has retained The Good Doctor season 3 on its Monday night slot. The series will return this fall.