Did 'Designated Survivor' Star Maggie Q Hint At Season 4 Being Cancelled?

Hannah Wells (Maggie Q) in 'Designated Survivor'
(Photo: Netflix/YouTube)

There is little doubt that people are holding on to hope that Designated Survivor will get one more season soon. However, many are also concerned that Netflix may have decided not to pursue a fourth season of the Kiefer Sutherland series. For instance, some fans are wondering if Maggie Q may have hinted at the third season as being the last one. What are the chances that Designated Survivor Season 4 has been canceled?

The third season turned out to be a huge one for Maggie Q. After all, Agent Hannah Wells immediately found a new mission after being fired by the FBI. Now working with the CIA, Wells teamed up with Dr. Eli Mays to investigate a case of bioterrorism. Wells and the biologist learned so much about the bio attack in the first few episodes. Unfortunately, it led to disaster for the former FBI agent.

Wells and Mays ultimately discovered that the bio attack targeted people of color. She was able to locate the laboratory where the gas is being created but also made the ultimate sacrifice in the seventh episode. Being a person of color, Wells was killed by the poisonous gas in the lab.

It's a sad conclusion for Hannah Wells, but that doesn't mean Maggie Q is feeling down about her character's death. The Nikita star immediately took to her official Instagram account to send a message to fans who have supported Wells from the start.

Maggie Q first thanked everyone "who has stuck with Hannah throughout her journey on Designated Survivor" and that it was "such a pleasure to take this character on, and in leaving her behind, I have only incredible memories of a cast and crew who I love with my whole heart." However, the actress singled out series creator David Guggenheim in her post.

"But my GREATEST thanks goes to [David Guggenheim] our shows creator," she wrote. "It was his vision and dedication that won me, and I am forever grateful to him."

Interestingly, Maggie Q concluded her message with, "What to do next?" Although the comment was clearly about her plans, some believed that Maggie was referring to David Guggenheim and what he intends to do after the show's conclusion. However, it is important to point out that Netflix might still have plans to pursue Designated Survivor Season 4, even without Hannah Wells.

Designated Survivor Season 4 has not yet been announced. Nevertheless, Netflix is expected to confirm the show's renewal before the end of June.

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