Taylor Swift
"You Need To Calm Down" music video features a star-studded cast, including Katy Perry. (Photo: TaylorSwift/Facebook)

On Monday, one of the most-awaited music videos from Taylor Swift's upcoming album has finally dropped. And the fans were right, Katy Perry is in it.

But while her former frenemy, Katy, has the most shocking cameo, the other stars and celebrities in it complemented well the music video which made it iconic as per Vox.

The beginning of the music video features Taylor Swift alone. And it makes it hard for everyone to speculate that a long list of celebrities will appear later on. So when the video started to show familiar faces after the first minute, it shocked the viewers as these people are very much well-known in various industries.

Dexter Mayfield and Hannah Hart are the first set of stars who appeared in the video. Dexter is a queer model. He is also a well-known dancer who worked with Katy Perry. As for Hannah, she is a popular podcaster and YouTube influencer who will soon marry Ella Mielniczenko.

The video then moves to Laverne Cox and Chester Lockhart who are both actors and singers. And they share closed ties with each other off cameras. Todrick Hall and Hayley Kiyoko also made a cameo on the first part of the music video. And they are both friends of Taylor Swift amid all the scandals that circulated previously.

Subsequently, the video moves to a wedding scene that features Modern Family star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his real-life husband, Justin Mikita. And it seemingly appears that singer star, Ciara, officiates the wedding.

The Queer Eye guys along with Adam Rippon are also seen in the video who are having a tea party with Taylor Swift and giving out snow cones, respectively.

Quite surprisingly, the famous Ellen DeGeneres made an actual appearance in the video, along with Adam Lambert as he tattoed the words, "Cruel Summer," on Ellen's arms. As per reports, this is a possible reference to Taylor's long-time enemy, Kanye West's album.

Billy Porter, RuPaul, and a few faces from the show, RuPaul's Drag Race also made a quick appearance on the music video. And one of them dressed as Taylor Swift.

Before the video finally concludes, Ryan Reynolds also appeared. This made a few people confused as to why he is in the video. But according to reports, the star's popular role as the pansexual superhero, Deadpool, and his wife, Blake Lively's love for Taylor Swift, are mainly the reasons why.

And of course, Katy Perry, who appeared in a burger costume while Taylor Swift is in her french fries outfit. As the two hugged on the final moments, many have speculated that their outfits foreshadowed the letters, "BFF," which finally concludes the current status of their relationship.