Leaked Benchmark Reveals AMD EPYC 7452 Dominates Intel Xeon

A #COMPUTEX2019 exclusive look at the 7nm AMD @Radeon RX 5700-series GPU, powering the future of gaming.
A #COMPUTEX2019 exclusive look at the 7nm AMD @Radeon RX 5700-series GPU, powering the future of gaming. (Photo: AMD/Twitter)

AMD's upcoming server processor EPYC 7452, nicknamed Rome, is once again making the headlines following a leaked benchmark test showing the chip overtly dominating Intel's Xeon lineup. The leaked benchmark pits the EPYC 7452 against Intel's Xeon Gold chip and AMD's own EPYC Naples server processors.

The benchmarks were posted by OpenBenchmarking. Unfortunately, the results are no longer accessible as of this writing. However, immediately following the leak, a number of sites have mirrored the results.

OpenBenchmarking did seven tests on the three processors and took the geometric mean. On all seven tests, the AMD EPYC 7452 dominated its two rival CPUs. Gathering a geometric mean of 772.042, it is lightyears ahead of Intel Xeon Gold's 386.611 mean score.

The three processors were subjected to the following tests: SmallPT, Compress-Gzip, OpenSSL, Timed PHP compilation, C-Ray, and two John The Ripper tests.

The AMD EPYC 7452 packs two processors clocked at 2.35GHz. Each processor has 32 cores and 64 threads. When put together, the EPYC 7452 packs an impressive 64 cores and 128 threads. Nicknamed simply as Rome, the processor is a direct successor to the AMD Naples server chip. Compared to its predecessor, which was manufactured using the 14nm process, the new Rome processors were designed using AMD's revolutionary 7nm process.

Regarding the EPYC 7452 lineup of processors, AMD has confirmed that the company plans to launch it by the third quarter of this year. This should fit right in between the launch of the new Ryzen and Ryzen Threadripper processors. Market experts project that the launch of this new powerful Rome server processors will improve AMD's market share to about 10 percent. This is quite an astonishing achievement, especially since Intel's CEO Brian Krzanich had already issued a challenge that they will not allow AMD to capture 15 percent of the server market.

Many market analysts are projecting the AMD EPYC 7452 chips to go head-to-head against Intel's Ice-Lake server lineup. However, it would appear that AMD has other plans.

In a statement, AMD senior vice president Forrest Norrod said, "Rome was designed to compete favorably with 'Ice Lake' Xeons, but it is not going to be competing against that chip."

While it's too early to project who is the clear winner among these two equally powerful processors, one of the biggest factors here will be pricing. As of this writing, the AMD EPYC 7551 is priced around $3600. Considering its specs, the EPYC 7452 is expected to hover around the $5000 price point.

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