Skidmark the cat in 'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 5
(Photo: AMC/YouTube)

The next episode of Fear The Walking Dead will undoubtedly focus on Victor Strand trying to get Daniel Salazar's plane to help his fellow survivors. However, things might not go as smoothly as Strand hopes next week. After all, Salazar has his secret weapon, and it's a smart little cat named Skidmark. Will the cat steal the limelight in Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 4?

In the previous episode titled 'Humbug's Gulch,' John and June came across a deserted town that used to be a theme park attraction. This is where they encounter The Walking Dead character Dwight, who is still looking for his missing wife, Sherry. All three work together to take on a herd of walkers and Dwight manages to be reunited with Morgan Jones.

The reunion isn't exactly pleasant, but Morgan and Dwight agree to put the past behind them. Dwight then leads the group to a huge walker roadblock just in time for one of the teenagers to radio in that they were on their way to the truck stop. The group then discovers Dylan, the youngest teenager all bloodied up before it is revealed that the teenagers had been setting up the roadblocks all this time.

The reveal in 'Humbug's Gulch' is certainly a surprise but it looks like Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 4 will not focus on the teenagers and their devious plan just yet. The preview for the episode 'Skidmark' offers a glimpse at some trouble for Strand and Salazar. In addition to that, even Salazar's cat Skidmark seems to be up to something.

In the teaser, it is revealed that Strand finally gets his hands on Salazar's plane. Unfortunately, things don't appear to be going so well for him. Could this mean that Sarah and Wendell will have to deal with a new problem? If they are, they're not the only ones who have obstacles to face.

The Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 4 preview hauntingly focuses on Salazar and even offers a glimpse at his cat Skidmark. Daniel appears to be getting his machete out and the final moments in the teaser shows Salazar walking out on a deserted highway. There also seems to be the sound of walkers following him. Is this finally the end for Salazar?

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 4 will air on AMC on June 23.