'Supernatural' Season 15 Air Date, Spoilers: Lauren Cohan Might Return As Bela Talbot

Lauren Cohan as Bela Talbot in 'Supernatural' Season 3
(Photo: The CW/YouTube)

The final season of Supernatural is still a few months away yet people are already wondering who will be returning in October. Fans are already expecting Supernatural Season 15 to bring God back in the game to face off against Sam and Dean Winchester but are there other forgotten characters who will show up as well? Some believe that the Winchesters are set for one last meeting with Bela Talbot, who was originally played by The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan.

Bela Talbot may have only appeared in the third season, but it was certainly a star-making role for Lauren Cohan. The character proved to be a formidable foe and ally for Sam and Dean Winchester, but Bela was killed off by the end of the season. Although there was some backlash about Bela's characterization, that doesn't mean that Cohan isn't interested in being a part of Supernatural Season 15. The former The Walking Dead star admitted that she is eager to reprise her role as the con artist in the final season.

Lauren Cohan recently admitted that she felt a bit jealous when her The Walking Dead co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprised his role as John Winchester in Supernatural Season 14. Cohan shared that working on the CW series has her "first TV experience" as well as her "first job in the United States" and remembered that "it was just so much fun." In addition to that, he confessed that being part of the cast was "the nicest group to become part of."

"It was a first for me, for so many things," Cohan said. "So, with absolute gusto, I would love to go back."

The return of Bela Talbot has not yet been confirmed. However, there is a huge possibility that it could happen considering what happened in the previous season finale. In 'Moriah,' God unleashed the souls of Hell upon Earth, a move that opens up several possibilities for the final season. It could mean that anyone who has been sent to Hell has the chance to come back in Supernatural Season 15.

With the gates of Hell wide open, Bela Talbot is just one of several characters who could show up in the final season. It also opens up the possibility that Sam and Dean could be reunited with their half-brother Adam Milligan, who was locked up in the Cage with Michael and Lucifer. 

Who will show up in the final season? Find out when Supernatural Season 15 airs on The CW on October 10.

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