Elsa in the 'Frozen 2' trailer
(Photo: Disney's YouTube Channel)

People have been speculating about what will happen in Frozen 2 for several years. However, it looks like the plot details for the highly anticipated Disney sequel have finally been revealed. Interestingly, the second film is set for a major time jump after Elsa finally takes control of her powers. In addition to that, her own sister Anna may discover the truth about Elsa's icy powers.

The official trailer for Frozen 2 reveals that the film will dig deep into the past. But what do the sisters truly know about their own history? The Troll King Grand Pabbie mysteriously warns the Queen of Arendelle that "the past is not what it seems" and that she "must find the truth." To do so, Pabbie tells Elsa to "go North across the enchanted lands and into the unknown."

This already sounds like a great adventure for Elsa and Anna but new footage also confirmed that the sisters will be looking back at their own past. The new footage from Frozen 2 that was unveiled at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France reveals that a flashback sequence will involve the former King of Arendelle. In the scene, their father tells them a bedtime story about his visit to an enchanted elemental forest. Unfortunately, something goes wrong, making him flee back to his kingdom.

The king's visit to the enchanted forest certainly had a strange effect on everything. He admits to his daughters that whatever it was that went wrong, it caused a major disconnect between the people of Arendelle and the elements in the forest. Unfortunately, this might be the reason why Elsa was born with powers in the first place.

It was also confirmed that Frozen 2 will take place three years after the events in the first movie. By this time, Elsa may have mastered her powers and could be using it to help her own kingdom. However, that doesn't mean that the queen and her sister are already in the clear. Elsa and Anna will still need to find out why Elsa has powers in the first place.

Frozen 2 will bring back Idina Menzel as Elsa, Kristen Bell as Anna, Jonathan Groff as Kristoff, and Josh Gad as Olaf. New cast members include Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood and This Is Us actor Sterling K. Brown. The sequel is scheduled for release on November 22.