Jones Lang LaSalle, the global real estate services firm, teamed up with Google to build a "voice assistant" to assist office workers in booking conference rooms for meetings, among others. Geek Wire reported that the assistant is named "JiLL." No word on any testing has been revealed except that JLL will select a handful of customers who will try out the assistant.

The project is part of an effort from JLL to create technological innovations to broaden its horizons in real estate. Taking a cue from digital assistant such as Amazon's Alexa, the goal is to make it easier for people in real estate.

However, JLL conceded that the assistant is not a "catch-all" solution for the life of an office worker.

JLL isn't the only notable company who's making an effort to solve these issues. In late 2017, Amazon created Alexa. Meanwhile, Microsoft also showed off plans for creating "enhanced conversational abilities" which would manage schedules--an additional feature for the Cortana app. Other software companies are also working on their own versions of virtual assistants with reactive AI.

JiLL, according to Mile High CRE, is designed to work with enterprises and their workforce by working as an "enterprise admin." Those with JiLL can work on everyday office tasks the same way as to how Alexa and Cortana work for people. JiLL can help complete tasks from booking a weekly meeting or finding an open desk area on an office floor ahead of time.

JiLL, currently, is being prepared by clients this summer. It will go generally live to US customers later in the year. JiLL is also the first product introduced by JLL Labs, the in-house think tank of JLL composed of globally-competent software engineers and product experts. Their goal is to create commercially strategic and new, modern products focused on the digital development of proptech.

The admin app was developed in the JLL Labs Silicon Valley hub, the home of other apps with a similar capability.

It uses data and insights from clients and physical spaces and uses Google Cloud technology to give real-time information to users. Through this, JiLL assuredly gives accurate and real-life results.

Count JiLL as another innovation directed at modernizing the way people do business in real estate. From blockchain, bitcoin, and now, JiLL, the way people will do real estate business in the future is rapidly getting a boost from modern technology.