BTS’s Jungkook Loves Keeping Fit But Reveals Some Exercises He Doesn’t Like

His revelation may be shocking.
His revelation may be shocking. (Photo: BTS/Facebook)

From the very first time fans laid their eyes on Jungkook, he had always been slender. However, the golden maknae is slowly showing his masculinity and maturity by keeping himself fit and healthy.

Of course, his new physique didn’t happen overnight. The BTS star worked hard for it, and his love for sports and exercise helped.

But just like most people, Jungkook has his preference. Although he always pushes himself hard to do better, he just can’t seem to make himself like some exercises.

If you have been watching Jungkook’s journey, you will see that he is very active and conscious of his body. In their broadcasts, the 21-year-old singer, songwriter, and record producer will be seen working out, boxing, swimming, and more.

He likes doing most of them even if they’re tough. But during his June 16 live, Jungkook revealed that he doesn’t like doing aerobic exercises. “I also like to work out at a gym. The only exercise that I don’t like is aerobic exercises,” he told the fans.

Aerobic exercises are important because they have a lot of benefits such as lowering blood pressure and controlling blood sugar. Jungkook certainly knows this, which is why he tries to do them, but he just doesn’t like doing them.

While he doesn’t have a problem running outdoors, running on a treadmill appeared to be boring to him. “I don’t mind running around the Han River outside, but when it comes to running machines, I have to run on the same spot over and over. That’s really difficult, I think,” he shared.

Although Jungkook shared a swimming practice video before, that sent fans into a frenzy, he shockingly revealed that he doesn’t love swimming. “I don’t enjoy swimming,” he admitted.

But the BTS star has a general love for sports that he swims anyway. “I don’t mind swimming, as I like to play in the water,” he said.

Being an active person, Jungkook is slowly catching up to his older members when it comes to physiques. Despite being the youngest of the bunch, he appeared to be a lot stronger than most of the members.

Jungkook showed off his incredible strength when he was given the task to carry the "most expensive" prop on set during the Episode 75 of Run BTS! For one scene, J-Hope suggested that Jungkook should carry "Worldwide Handsome" Jin, and he did it without breaking any sweat.

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