The Samsung Galaxy Fold phone is shown on a screen at Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s Unpacked event in San Francisco
The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was delayed again as Samsung continues to fix the many issues that were found recently on its soft launch. The Galaxy Fold was supposed to be launched last April but Samsung postponed it amidst the breaking scandal and bad reviews it receives. A relaunch in July was rumored, but today, Samsung confirmed that this is not true. No definite date was given as of today. (Photo: REUTERS/Stephen Nellis)

The issues with the Samsung Galaxy Fold have been reportedly fixed and reports claim that the device is ready for release. However, until now Samsung has not yet revealed the new release date or release window for the highly anticipated device.

Samsung Display Vice President Kim Seong-Cheol was recently quoted during his speech last Tuesday by The Korea Herald saying that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready to be released. The executive shared at the Korean Information Display Society Conference in Seoul that most of the problems associated with the display of the device have been solved.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is slated to release last April 2019 but missed it due to issues with the screen. This includes bubbling and flickering of the display. Since then, the South Korean tech giant has not revealed a new release window for their radically designed device.

The company announced that it will delay the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold as soon as the issues went public. After that, AT & T and Best Buy canceled the pre-orders for the foldable device. They claim that the South Korean tech failed to disclose the release date of the upcoming device.

Samsung has been continuously saying that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be out in the coming weeks. Vice President Kim Seong-Cheol is with Samsung Display, which is a subsidiary of the South Korean company. The vice president is not an employee of the mobile division of Samsung Electronics but of the firm's display manufacturing subsidiary.

It is possible that the executive is closely working with the Samsung Galaxy Fold team to iron out the previous issues with the display. However, it is also possible that the vice president may not have the insight to definitively give the public the exact release date of the foldable device. But, his recent statement is a good assurance that the device could arrive anytime soon.

Despite the outrageously expensive price tag, consumers are still excited to get their hands on Samsung Galaxy Fold. Meanwhile, Huawei is also preparing for its own Huawei Mate X, which also hit a snug in terms of the release date. So far, these two tech giants are the only companies confirmed to have foldable devices. Although there were previous speculations that Apple is also developing their own radically designed foldable device, this is just mere speculation, and nothing is confirmed just yet.

Samsung has not yet released any official statement until now in regards to the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.