After almost 75 years, Hiroshima is now a thriving place with a lot of must-see attractions to visit.
After almost 75 years, Hiroshima is now a thriving place with a lot of must-see attractions to visit. (Photo: Mikel Lizarralde/Flickr)

Hiroshima is known for being destroyed by an atomic bomb during World War II. But after almost 75 years, this city in Japan is now a thriving place with a lot of must-see attractions. So if you want to visit the top spots in what they called "microcosm" of this country, here are the five best sights to see in Hiroshima.

Atomic Bomb Dome

Atomic Bomb Dome commemorates that one fateful event that happened on the morning of August 6, 1945. The United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) dropped a nuclear bomb in Hiroshima, the first city targeted by the weapon.

The place is the same as it was when the tragedy occurred. There were still twisted metal, rubble, and other ruins. Everything was the same and preserved to show nuclear weapons' power and destruction. Also dubbed as Hiroshima Peace Memorial or Peace Park, it serves as a symbol of peace in the wake of war.

Miyajima Island

According to NOMADasaurus, Miyajima Island is considered as one of the most beautiful places in Hiroshima with its scenic and picturesque setting during autumn. It also holds the exquisite beauty of Japanese culture and architecture.

This island has green forests and temples that have been preserved since ancient times. There are also Buddhist temples that people can visit to worship, and it even holds the Itsukushima Shrine. It also participates in the yearly Water Fireworks every August.

Haji Dam

Haji Dam is a reservoir that created Lake Yachiyo. It is one of the most famous spots where you can see cherry blossom in western Japan.

During the Cherry Blossom Festival, you can witness a magnificent landscape due to almost 6,000 sakura trees that blossom around the lake. You can also enjoy bike riding, canoeing, boating, and camping here.


Sandankyo is a colossal canyon that measures about 16 kilometers long. Aside from the massive gorge itself, there are also many attractions to see here like Kurofuchi, the river with an emerald green surface; Sarutobi, the narrow river with big rocks; and Shimaidaki, a waterfall that looks like a painting, per Wow! Japan.

It also has an ancient forest that produces autumn leaves during fall. The best view you can see here is at Sandandaki, a waterfall where its water falls high-levels of rock. When the waterfall blends in with the autumn leaves, it comes out as a beautiful sight.


Onomichi is a small charming town in Hiroshima, located along the coast of the Seto Inland Sea. It features mountains on both sides, ancient temples, and buildings.

This island boasts the best hot springs and beaches in town. It also has a rich artistic history as it is home to famous Japanese poets, artists, and writers. Here, you can visit ancient temples and museums, relax on the beach, and rest at the Senkoji Park that houses a lot of cats.