Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Are Rumored To Call It Quits For Good

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth
"Memphis here we come! #MoreTogether" (Photo: MileyCyrus/Facebook)

After the low-key marriage ceremony that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth shared back in December 2018, the reports and claims about their relationship continued to spiral out. While some of the headlines are pretty romantic and full of love, the recent ones are not.

As it happens, the recent headlines from various tabloids suggest that the newly married couple is now headed down the stream and might ultimately call it a day, for good.

These reports surprised a lot of people, especially the fans. But the reason behind the reported "split up" is quite logical as per the supposed sources.

According to these tipsters, Liam Hemsworth is calling the shots. And he is the one who is breaking up the marriage. This is because he can no longer support Miley Cyrus' immaturities and her so-called "wild child ways."

In addition to these claims, there are also other speculations that their marriage is on the rocks ever since they tied the knot. And this is all because the Wrecking Ball singer is "reverting back" to her childish ways.

Sadly, many of the readers of these tabloids believed the recent reports. This is saddening as none of these things are true. And Gossip Cop has ultimately proved these allegations wrong.

The publication, that is well-known for busting out various tabloids and magazines for their fabricated stories, called out these recent speculations about Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus' relationship. And based on what they have found out, it has been revealed that the couple is enjoying the married life.

The truth is - Liam Hemsworth has been very supportive of Miley Cyrus. And this had become so much more obvious when Miley posted an Instagram photo a few days ago with a caption that reveals her husband's support.

Taken from Miley Cyrus words, "you let me be me," is simply an indication that whatever she does for her good, her husband is always there to support her. Also, their recent interviews are pieces of evidence that their marriage is going much stronger.

Liam Hemsworth's cover story with GQ and Miley Cyrus' with Vanity Fair are only some of the avenues where the couple shared their happy and strong relationship. And based on these interviews, it looks like that all is well for the couple.

So, the reports about the two splitting up are all fabricated stories that no one should dwell and believe in.

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