Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle had already started making a name for herself and doing great things way before she married into the royal family. (Photo: REUTERS/Hannah Mckay/File Photo)

Prince Harry is apparently no longer like himself these days, according to the reporters on the royal family beat. Some have observed that the Duke of Sussex has not been his usual fun and happy-go-lucky self and they speculate that he could be unhappy with his marriage to Meghan Markle. 

Royal correspondent Phil Dampier of New Idea shared the observations from other journalists who follow the royal family regularly. There has been a general sense that Prince Harry has lost his spark and sense of humor since marrying the Hollywood actress and having their first child together.     

"He might be suffering from a lack of sleep as a result of Archie crying, but I also think there has been a knock-on effect from his problems with William and Kate," Dampier speculated. The Duke has also been reportedly getting quite grumpy at royal events and has been remiss at acknowledging the press whom he usually has casual and fun conversations with. 

It's been rumored that Prince William warned Prince Harry about getting serious with Meghan while they were dating in 2016 and this has caused a gap between the brothers. The Sunday Times also cited that Prince Philip advised his grandson not to marry the former "Suits" actress as she will likely last just three years with the family. 

Further sparking the rumors that Prince Harry was unhappy with his marriage to Meghan was a video clip showing that he seemingly "ordered" his wife to face the public during the Trooping the Colour ceremony. Observers noted that he said it without warmth; thus, causing his wife to be nearly in tears, per Daily Mail.

But it's not just royal correspondents who have noticed the difference in the prince. There have been questions about his state of mind lately at a forum in Quora. Some regulars speculated that the Duke of Sussex might be feeling pressured about this family's lack of acceptance for his wife. There were also suggestions that he might have the same depressive illness as his mother, Princess Diana. After all, Prince Harry said in previous interviews that he went through a depression period following her death. 

However, as much as Prince Harry and Meghan's marriage has been negatively viewed, other royal watchers defend that there is nothing wrong with this union. If anything, Prince Harry might be quite upset about how the media has been treating and depicting his wife.