Krysten Ritter in 'Jessica Jones' Season 3
(Photo: Netflix/YouTube)

The third season of Jessica Jones certainly gave the cynical private investigator an interesting story arc yet people are still hoping that the Marvel character will return. After all, Season 3 had an ambiguous ending that suggested Jessica's story might not be over just yet. Unfortunately, it looks like Krysten Ritter has no interest in reprising her role as the only female member of The Defenders. The former Breaking Bad star confirmed she would not be returning in Jessica Jones Season 4.

In the final episode of Jessica Jones Season 3, Jessica had a chance encounter with Luke Cage, who tells her the most difficult thing he ever had to do was send his own brother to the Raft. The meeting helped Jessica realize that her own sister Trish Walker is now turning into a dangerous villain and that she needs to bring Trish to justice. After a devastating fight, Jessica manages to defeat Trish, who is then taken away by the Raft. With her task done, Jessica decides it's time for her to retire.

A.K.A Everything saw Jessica leaving the keys to Alias Investigations with Malcolm Ducasse and somehow convincing Eddy Costa to offer Erik Gelden a chance to work with the police. She then packs her things and prepares to leave for Mexico. However, Jessica suddenly hears Kilgrave's voice telling her to leave everything behind. This is when she changes her mind and stays in New York.

So does this mean that Jessica Jones Season 4 is a possibility? If it is, Krysten Ritter won't be a part of the next season. Ritter confessed that she doesn't believe she needs to play the Marvel character again in the future.

"Do I think I'll play her again? I don't think so," Ritter said. She then adds that she feels she has already played the character and feels "really good about it." Ritter added that she also "feels good about closing the door."

Krysten Ritter's sentiment could confirm that she has long accepted that Jessica Jones Season 3 is the end for her character. Earlier in 2019, Marvel and Netflix had canceled the series even before the premiere of the third season. Although the season finale did offer the possibility of Jessica Jones Season 4, the show will not be getting a renewal anytime soon.

Jessica Jones Season 3 is still streaming on Netflix.