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A new set of leaked specs revealed that the Microsoft Surface Book 3 will have a foldable dual display and will most likely support PC games. (Photo: Microsoft Surface/Twitter)

A new set of specs for the Microsoft Surface Book 3 recently surfaced online. One leak claims that the upcoming device from the computer software titan is going to sport a foldable dual display. Another claims that the third iteration of the two in one laptop will be a delight to gamers on the go because it will support PC games.

Gamer's Two in One Laptop

According to Forbes, there are several signs that the Microsoft Surface Book 3 could be an alternative for mobile gamers. The report based its claim on the high specifications of its predecessor, which targets the high-end segment of the market. Technically, the machine already possesses the element of gaming through its hardware specifications and materials used.

The report adds that while the computer software giant might not market the Microsoft Surface Book 3 as a gaming machine, the team behind the upcoming device has the chance to ensure that the hardware is at the higher level of configurations that offer the best alternative to a solid gaming experience. The upcoming two in one laptop might not, at all, outclass other dedicated machines.

However, the ability to allow users to play a good PC game will put the Microsoft Surface Book 3 in a little more attractive spot in the highly competitive and increasingly crowded market. The third iteration of the Surface Book is expected to house the next generation Intel Kaby Lake processor and AMD graphics cards. The device's controller options are already available, which make it an apt device for gamers on the go.

Foldable Dual Display

Another interesting claim concerning Microsoft Surface Book 3 is that it will have a foldable dual display. The specs were first reported by Windows Central and later by IHS Markit's Associate Director for Consumer Electronics Jeff Lin. According to the report, the foldable Surface device is anticipated to have dual 9-inches screens with an aspect ratio of 4:3 per screen.

The device is believed to be released in the first quarter or first half of 2020. There are several other details cited by the IHA Markit. This includes the latest version of Windows 10 OS or WCOS for the dual display user interface. The Microsoft Surface Book 3 is said to adopt Intel 10nm system SoC Lakefield and will run both iCloud service and Android Apps in Windows 10.

So far, both claims concerning the Microsoft Surface Book 3 are not officially and still unconfirmed by the Redmond-based tech giant. Microsoft has never even confirmed that the upcoming device of the next iteration to Microsoft Surface Book 2 is going to be called Microsoft Surface Book 3. Like all other leaks, it is smart to take these claims with a pinch of salt.