'Shooter' Season 4: Why Netflix May Not Pickup Bob Lee's Story

There are rumors Netflix may continue "Shooter" Season 4, but it may never happen.
There are rumors Netflix may continue "Shooter" Season 4, but it may never happen. (Photo: shooteronusa/Facebook)

There will be no Shooter Season 4 after USA Network canceled the show, but there are rumors Netflix may pick up the series. Bob Lee Swagger's (Ryan Phillippe) story may continue on the streaming giant. But as nothing is confirmed yet, it might never happen. 

According to Bustle, Shooter was the lowest rated drama series on USA Network after canceling Colony. Hence, its production company, Paramount Television, is now doing its best to have it continued on another network.

Paramount Network is now beefing up its original series like Waco. But, it is not yet revealed if Shooter Season 4 would also continue on the network.

The show's official Twitter page broke the news about the cancellation. "Thanks for tweeting with us tonight," it said. "Next week is the #ShooterTV series finale. See you then."

Shooter Season 3's final episode aired on Sept. 13, and fans were shocked to know it would be its official conclusion. The show promised to reveal a shocking ending to make it up with viewers. It also made sure that there would never be cliffhangers or unresolved plots as it tied every loose end.

With its untimely conclusion, fans are still hoping Shooter Season 4 will continue on another work. So will Netflix hear their cry and pick up the drama series?

Tech Junkie reported there is no one to produce Shooter Season 4 yet. The talks are reportedly still ongoing with it's executive producer Mark Wahlberg and producer-lead star Phillippe to continue the show.

Netflix also remains mum about the possibility to pick up the series. There are said to be significant challenges in continuing the show, so it remains to be seen if it is the end of Bob Lee's story or not.

Netflix has been known for having an excellent hold on global media. It is only one of the few companies that know there is a big opportunity in the world out there.

Unfortunately, Shooter is solely an American drama series. No one from the other parts of the world may need Bob Lee. So, Netflix may find it hard to introduce the show to its audience internationally.

Shooter was mostly filmed and set in America, although it also had scenes in Germany and Afghanistan that still looked like it was in the United States. Bob Lee's means to live was through his gun, which not everyone appreciates.

Not every Netflix fan may like Bob Lee's story and the show's storyline per se. So, it remains to be seen if there is still a future waiting for Shooter Season 4 or its story may just be closed forever.

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