The new AirPods have serious competition in the new Powerbeats Pro. (Photo: PlushDesignStudio/Pixabay)

Apple released the second generation AirPod just a couple of months ago. Rumors are now circulating in the tech community about the possibility that the tech giant is well under its way with the development of the AirPod 3.

The last version of the AirPod to hit the market has a couple of features. However, there is still a lot to offer in terms of functionalities. Apple might work into the design of the next generation AirPod, but the main concern of the community appears to focus on the earpiece's features.

Reviews about the last AirPods generally have pointed out that the earpiece's sound quality did not meet general expectations. Tech experts are seriously looking into this upgrade once Apple releases the AirPod 3. Aside from improving audio quality, Apple fans have also called the company to further improve the earpiece's bass sound.

Both the first and second generation AirPods do not have Noise Cancellation technology. While this feature is more common in bigger over-the-head headphones, some smaller earpieces are also equipped with this feature. However, it is important to note that noise cancellation features usually result in high battery consumption.

Aside from the typical earpiece features, there are reports claiming that the AirPod 3 will also have a handful of sensors that can monitor its users. Although Apple has kept its silence over this rumor, some reports claim that the tech giant is working to incorporate a heart monitoring sensor into the AirPod 3. This same sensor, and feature is also available on the Apple Watch. The earpiece is also widely rumored to be water resistant. The AirPod 3 is also expected to have a better battery and improved charging feature.

As for the release date of the AirPods 3, it is still unknown. Apple is still fresh from the release of the AirPods 2, so the company might push the release of the earpiece's new iteration sometime next year. While there are hints claiming that the new earpiece will be release before the year-end, it is still too early to confirm especially with Apple withholding information about the development stage of the AirPods 3.

The first two generations of the AirPods were met with a lukewarm reception. Tech experts believe that Apple will take note of some of these criticisms to make sure that the next AirPod will exceed the status of its first two versions.