All Executive Office owners are receiving a GTA$250K gift in GTA Online
Fans might finally get their hands on the highly-anticipated "GTA 6" but it could be a lot shorter compared to previously released titles. (Photo: Rockstar Games/Twitter)

Rockstar Games is known in the gaming industry as one of the game developers who really takes time creating titles and introducing games that break barriers. But, despite this, it might not be good for business considering that it took the game developer to develop "Red Dead Redemption 2" five years after the release of "Grand Theft Auto 5." This is one of the reasons why a recent report claims that the highly anticipated "Grand Theft Auto 6" will shorter than other Rockstar Games' titles.

In one of his interviews, Take-Two Interactive chief executive officer Strauss Zelnick explained how developing shorter games could mean no more long waiting time for the players. In his interview with Games Industry, Zelnick was quoted saying that it is possible that games than what they were supposed to be in some instances. But, the CEO later underlined that games like "GTA 6" could still be as long as its predecessors because of post-launch game support.

He said that it is possible to bring content continuously for a long time to the game after the initial release. This could be in terms of numbers of gameplay hours, which was previously heavily demanded by players. Rockstar Games has not yet announced the title that it is going to release next.

However, there were several claims that it is going to be "GTA 6" or "Bully 2." In regards to "GTA 6" there were numerous claims and potential leaks about the game that might, at this point, give fans an idea of what to expect from the much-awaited game iteration. For instance, there was a certain rumor claiming that the upcoming sequel will re-introduce multiple protagonists approach courtesy of "Grand Theft Auto 5." Another rumor claims that the game will make history because for the first time in the gaming industry there will be a female protagonist.

Other wild claims suggest that "GTA 6" will be set in various cities like Vice City and Liberty City, which is a departure from its typical single city game settings. At this point, we do not know much about "Grand Theft Auto 6" since so far, there are no official details revealed about the game. In fact, we do not know yet if it is even in the works at Rockstar Games studio.

"GTA 6" is said to be released in 2022 and it is rumored to be in development for the next generation gaming consoles.