‘Halo Infinite Beta’ Expected To Make Waves on Xbox, PC platforms

Halo Infinite
A poster for the upcoming game, Halo Infinite. (Photo: Flickr/steamXO)

The newest iteration to the popular shooter franchise, "Halo Infinite," is expected to hit the Xbox and PC platforms soon. Dubbed simply as "Halo 6," the game debuted at last year's Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3).

During this year's E3, a trailer was released that delved deeper into what to expect in the upcoming game. The release of the new trailer highlighted some of the game's new gameplay mechanics and improved graphical presentation.

Contrary to its original form "Halo Infinite/" will not follow a structured single player campaign narrative. Rather, the upcoming game will serve as a sequel to events that transpired on the last game of the franchise, "Halo 5."

Details about the upcoming, may that be about story or new features, are sparse at best. The game's developer, 343 Industries, have provide little information about the game. The only confirmed tidbit of knowledge about the game that the developers worked for years in building the new engine which is at the heart of the new game. This new engine will bring notable improvements in terms of graphical style, as well as handful of gameplay improvements.

343 Industries may have something big at their hands. Judging by the graphical improvements on the trailers provided by the developer, it would appear that "Halo Infinite" is really years ahead of its contemporaries.

Considered as one of the flagship franchises of the Xbox platform, "Halo Infinite" will be released exclusively for a limited time to the Xbox users. Those who intend to play the game on the PC platform will have to wait a little bit longer as the game will not be released on the PC platform until winter of 2020.

Among the confirmed features of the game are LAN support, split-screen support, and a secret special engine that will handle the graphical computation and rendering. There is also the new armor customization support, and forge mode.

The dreaded loot boxes will now be removed from the game. Although, the equally dreaded microtransactions are here to stay.

As for the game's story, the game will pick up from the events of "Halo 5." The franchise's main character Master Chief will be presented as the true protagonist of the story.

It is important to note that not all of the features mentioned will be available on the beta version of the game. Nevertheless, 343 Industries have confirmed that all the listed features will eventually find their way into the final version of the game.

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