Is Lee Min Ho Sick? 'City Hunter' Star Appeared To Have Started Working Again

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho shared the real status of his health on a live Instagram broadcast. (Photo: ICE Beyond MinoBoiz ICE/YouTube Screenshot)

Lee Min Ho is still one of the most followed South Korean actors today even after he stayed away from the limelight for two years. The former lover of Suzy Bae started his mandatory military service in May 2017 at Suseo Social Welfare Centre in Gangnam District Office where he served as a public service officer. Now that the 32-year-old Asian superstar is finally back, his devoted supporters are curious about what he would do next.

A few days after he was discharged from the military, the talent agency of Lee Min Ho revealed that the unending malicious and fabricated reports about The Heirs star have actor's mental and psychological health. Most followers of the Legend of the Blue Sea actor are aware that he was involved in several issues and controversies, including his infamous split from Suzy Bae a few months since he started working in the military.

MYM Entertainment claimed that it is very aggressive in filing charges to those publications and individuals who keep on spreading detestation and lies about Lee Min Ho. "These illegal acts have been continuing on for years, and the reputation and image of our artist have suffered due to slander and hateful comments caused by false information," the talent agency said in an official statement. "We'll continue to take legal action, and we ask for continued attention and tips from fans," it furthered.

Because of this, a few of Lee Min Ho's avid followers got worried about his health. Some even speculated that this might prevent him from doing his upcoming projects. However, in a live broadcast in June, the City Hunter star revealed that he is following a diet at the moment.

Lee Min Ho, also, revealed that he is feeling good despite the previous reports claiming that rumors have affected his health. "You must have been surprised because this is the first time I've done an Instagram live, but I'll do them a lot in the future to quickly say hello," Lee Min Ho stated in the clip. He added that his fans could expect more live broadcasts in the future as he is planning to do it more often now.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho teased, via his official Instagram page, that he is back to work already. Besides a video that featured him taking a video of himself in the mirror, the ex-boyfriend of Suzy Bae has worn two different outfits in the succeeding images. In the first photo, Min Ho wore a white shirt topped with a red coat while the second image featured him sporting a grey-colored blazer.

Min Ho is set to star in the upcoming series titled The King: The Eternal Monarch along with Woo Do Hwan, Kim Ge Eun, and Kim Kyung Nam. They would, reportedly, start working for the upcoming new series soon. Stay tuned to Business Times for the latest news and updates about Lee Min Ho.

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