'Gomorrah' Season 5 Release Date Possibly Delayed For Ciro The Immortal Prequel Movie

Ciro Di Marzio (Marco D'Amore) in 'Gomorrah'
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It has only been two months since the fourth season of Gomorrah concluded but fans are already looking forward to the next chapter of the series. After all, the season finale was immediately followed by a trailer for a prequel movie starring Marco D'Amore as Ciro Di Marzio. While L'Immortale ('The Immortal') certainly promises to look back at the violent life of the show's most tragic character, it might also mean people will have to wait a little longer for the next season. Will Ciro's prequel film push Gomorrah Season 5 to a late 2020 release date?

The death of Ciro Di Marzio certainly didn't sit well with many fans considering that The Immortal seemed to be well on his way to finding redemption. In the Season 3 finale, Ciro and Gennaro Savastano are invited by Enzo Villa to his yacht. However, it is then revealed that Enzo was planning to kill Gennaro, blaming him for the murder of Enzo's sister. Ciro immediately springs to action, claiming that he was the one who killed Enzo's sister and this leads to Enzo forcing Gennaro to shoot Ciro.

Interestingly, the trailer for L'Immortale opens with the scene that followed Ciro Di Marzio's shooting. He is shown slowly sinking in the waters of the Gulf of Naples but his voiceover suggests he wishes he was elsewhere. Ciro admits that he has always dreamt about having the city of Naples all to himself because he felt that he was stronger than anyone. Interestingly, he even mentions his wife Debora who once warned him to stop pursuing his ambitions but he simply couldn't stop.

The trailer concludes with the words, "Immortal is dead" but that doesn't seem to be the case. Ciro's body appears to twitch at the last moment, possibly confirming that he survived the gunshot and could be returning in Gomorrah Season 5. However, fans may need to wait two more years before finding out if Ciro has once again proven that he is immortal.

There are speculations that Gomorrah Season 5 will be pushed back to a late 2020 release to make way for L'Immortale. However, the good news is, the prequel film will connect directly to the show's next season. This could mean that although the movie takes place in the past, it could also reveal that Ciro survived and will be back for more action next year.

Gomorrah Season 5 and L'Immortale have not yet been given official release dates. Stay tuned for more updates about the show and the film.

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