5 Reasons That Will Entice You To Take A Holiday In Leyte

Aside from historical attractions, there are many reasons why you should visit this island.
Aside from historical attractions, there are many reasons why you should visit this island. (Photo: Marge Espineda/Flickr)

Leyte is famous for holding the largest naval battle in the Philippine history, the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944. But aside from its history, there are many reasons why you should visit this island. So, here are the five things you can do in this province that will surely entice you to take a holiday and enjoy the beautiful sites and landscape of Leyte.

See Leyte's Historical Sites

Leyte is where General Douglas MacArthur set foot to try to stop the Japanese Imperial Army from conquering the Philippines that ensued the Battle of Leyte. Here, you can visit the MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park where you can see life-size statues of the Army General and his forces.

You can also explore Leyte Provincial Capitol where the government seated in 1944. Take a glimpse of Palo Metropolitan Cathedral that used to be the Allied forces and refugees' evacuation center during the Japanese-American war. The church holds an extraordinary gothic theme with a gold-plated 17th century altar.

Explore Cuatro Islas

You can go island hopping on Cuatros Islas Leyte. It is a group of islands - Apid, Digyo, Mahaba, and Himokilan - located in Inopacan and Hindang.

It boasts breathtaking beaches and coral reefs, per Out of Town Blog. Although the place's tourism is thriving, it still imposed strict rules to implement safetyness in the area - especially its environmental condition.

Learn About Mt. Pangasugan Ecopark

Mt. Pangasugan is also called the "last frontier in Eastern Visayas." It has a steep landscape and is a virgin rainforest mountain that houses different plants and animal species.

It towers about 1,150 meters tall. It is also where the spring water from Baybay City and nearby towns comes from. You can see its stunning view from Visayas State University during the wet season.

Experience crossing San Juanico Bridge

San Juanico Bridge is famous for its 2.16 kilometers or 1.2 miles length. It is the longest bridge in the Philippines that connects Leyte and Samar. You can even enjoy its scenery by jogging, walking, or taking pictures.

From here, you can see the view of islands and islets. However, according to Trip 101, vehicles are not allowed to take a stop here.

Enjoy Lake Danao

Lake Danao is one of the most popular natural sites in Ormoc, a city in Leyte. It is a guitar-shaped lake that is located 700 meters or about 2,296 feet above sea level.

Here, you can experience a colder climate compared to some places in the province. To complete your experience, you can go swim, rent a kayak, and enjoy the rest of the area. You can even rent floating cottages if you want to rest for $6 per hour, including a grill.

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