'The Flash' Season 6 Premiere Date: Will Tom Felton Return As Julian Albert?

Tom Felton as Julian Albert in 'The Flash'
(Photo: The CW/YouTube)

The sixth season of The Flash is about to begin production and people are understandably excited about what could happen next in the CW series. After all, the stakes are definitely higher considering that Infinite Crisis is happening this year. But which characters will be coming back other than Barry Allen and the rest of Team Flash? Is there a chance that Tom Felton will reprise his role as Julian Albert in The Flash Season 6?

Back in Season 3, Julian Albert played a huge role as Barry Allen faced Savitar. The character was introduced as a crime scene investigator working with the CCPD as a result of the timeline changes Barry caused during Flashpoint. Although it was eventually revealed that Julian was actually Savitar's acolyte Doctor Alchemy, Julian decided to join Team Flash in an effort to undo his evil deeds. However, the character mysteriously disappeared in the fourth season.

Although Julian Albert's disappearance was explained in the fourth season, that doesn't mean people are no longer wondering if the character would return to The Flash. Although Julian wasn't exactly the most popular character on the CW series, some fans feel that Julian might be able to help Team Flash in The Flash Season 6. So did Tom Felton just hint at Julian returning in the upcoming season?

Grant Gustin recently posted an interesting photo on his official Instagram account. The picture shows the cast of The Flash gathered for a table read of the upcoming season and Gustin's followers were understandably excited about the post. However, the fans were not the only ones who were happy to learn that the sixth season is about to begin production. Tom Felton also reacted to the image by teasing Julian Albert's return.

Tom Felton left an interesting comment on Grant Gustin's Instagram post. "Any word on Julian," he wrote. Not surprisingly, people began wondering if Felton was dropping hints about Julian Albert coming back to rejoin Team Flash in The Flash Season 6. However, it is also possible that the Feed actor was simply poking fun at Julian's sudden decision to return to England after the third season.

It is still unclear whether Julian Albert will actually return in the sixth season. In the meantime, fans can watch Tom Felton as the Shakespearean character Laertes in Ophelia.


The Flash Season 6 will premiere on The CW on October 8.

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