Royal family picture at Bay Archie's christening. It was alleged that Prince Harry is jealous of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Prince Harry is allegedly jealous about Prince William and Kate’s relationship. (Photo: sussexroyal/Instagram)

Prince Harry and Prince William seem to be as close as two brothers can be. However, there have been speculations about a rift between the two. One of the few reasons for this rift is apparently a seed of jealousy in Prince Harry.

The Duke of Sussex has been repeatedly accused of being jealous of his older brother for a long time now. And from the list of things there is to envy about Prince William, Prince Harry is apparently jealous about his seemingly perfect and fairytale-like relationship with Kate Middleton. However, the reason behind it is a truth that was quite unexpected.

In an interview, a former royal butler of the late Princess Diana shared some exclusive details about the lives of the two brothers in their common household. According to the butler, Paul Burrell, Prince Harry had always looked at Prince William with a hint of jealousy.

Burrell goes on to explain that the younger brother envied the older in terms of the relationship he had with the Duchess of Cambridge. The younger sibling apparently envied how good Prince William had it and was jealous of how great it was to have a spouse like Kate.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge go a long way back. The two first met when they were in college. In 2003, they had started getting to know each other but were reportedly not exclusive yet.

The two had other romantic conquests before they eventually ended up having a long-term relationship. The couple then went on to get married in April 2011, when they had a lavish celebration that is dubbed to this day as the wedding of the century.

They now have three beautiful children and reportedly have no plans at stopping there. All in all, it was purported that, with regard to what the Duke of Cambridge has built in his relationship with Middleton, Prince Harry is said to feel a twinge of jealousy here and there.

However, things have been looking up for the ginger royal. Burrell pointed out that Prince Harry now has that certain someone that means as much to him as Kate does to Prince William. And even with the few protests from his closest family members and friends, including Prince William himself, the Duke of Sussex bent the knee and asked former actress, Meghan Markle, to marry him and become part of his royal family.

It was reported that there had been a lot of tension when Markle had entered the scene because Prince William, in an older brother gesture, talked to Prince Harry and implied that things were moving too fast for the new couple. The younger prince had only been dating the actress for a couple months prior to becoming engaged.

Despite there apparently being disapproving individuals, the couple went on to tie the knot in May 2018. Since their union, the couple have had one son. The newest addition, baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, was only recently christened in a private chapel.

It was Saturday when Prince Harry's and Markle's firstborn, the seventh in line to Britain's throne, was welcomed into the "congregation of Christ's flock" at Windsor Castle's chapel. The baby was dressed in his christening clothes which were a likeness to that one worn in 1841 by then-Princess Victoria at her own ceremony.