Melania Reportedly Told Trump Blasey Ford Was Lying About Justice Kavanaugh Rape Accusation
Melania reportedly told her husband, President Donald Trump, that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was lying about her 2018 rape accusation against Justice Kavanaugh. (Photo: @FLOTUS/Twitter)

Melania reportedly told her husband United States President Donald Trump that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was lying about her 2018 rape accusation against Justice Kavanaugh.

The First Lady was said to have told her husband that she believed then-accuser Palo Alto University Psychology Professor Blasey Ford had not been telling the truth when she accused then-U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of raping her when they were youngsters in high school.

This piece of information is said to be contained in an upcoming book, Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court. The work is an in-depth look into the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh by authors Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino.

"You know," Melania is said to have questioned her husband President Trump that Blasey Ford "is lying?"

It is said to reveal behind-the-scenes revelations about the highly controversial nomination of the aforementioned SC justice. The work, which is slated for release July 9, goes into the painfully divisive hearings that racked the United States Supreme Court.

The book is slated to tell about the skepticism of the United States First Lady Melania with relation to the claims put forth against Kavanaugh. This position of the First Lady was taken to support the authors' position that "millions" of others did not believe what Kavanaugh's accuser was purporting.

Blasey Ford had given her tearful testimony at the Senate's confirmation hearings that Kavanaugh had raped her as a teenager back in high school during a party while he was supposedly drunk. With the above book's telling, some other information is also brought to light that supports what Kavanaugh had been trying to say---that he had done nothing of the sort, as per Blasey Ford's accusations.

The writers dissected Blasey Ford's testimony, saying that the media had been all but ready to believe the tearful telling, despite "lapses in memory" of the witness and the "odder" portions of the story that included how she had confessed to her husband about being Kavanaugh's rape victim.

Also reported as being contained in the said work are the occurrences during those hours that Kavanaugh and his wife Ashley had their excruciating wait inside the Senate Office while Blasey Ford was giving her testimony and they were waiting for Kavanaugh's turn to speak.

The same book contains as well the telling of the harrowing experiences of Senator Susan Collins and her family after the senator's role in casting the deciding vote for the confirmation of Kavanaugh as Supreme Court Justice.  

Hemingway is connected with The Federalist, working as one of its senior editors. Severino works for the Judicial Crisis Network, as policy director as well as chief counsel.