Time to level up. Galaxy Unpacked on August 7, 2019
A new leak claims that the Samsung Galaxy 10 Plus will feature something that Apple has not yet perfected. (Photo: Samsung Mobile/Twitter)

A new report surfaced today claiming that the specs of the wireless charger of the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus have been leaked. There is a good chance that the charger of the upcoming flagship device could sell well as a standalone accessory rather than as a bundled product with the flagship phone. The leaked specs came from serial leaker Roland Quandt.

The Qi wireless charging has not yet reached its prime age where manufacturers can tell users to forget about plugging their chargers and call the practice traditional. If this is the case, the Cupertino-based tech giant would have already shipped its iPhone X without any lightning port. But, if the latest leak is to be believed, it appears that this feat is already achieved by its closest rival, Samsung and the company is prepping to launch it with its upcoming device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

The specs of the wireless charger of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus was recently leaked by Roland Quandt and it reveals a feature that even Apple has not yet perfected on its iPhone X. according to the leak, the South Korean tech giant might offer phone adapters to allow users to slowly migrate to future accessories that will no longer entail users to plug in a cable in any charging port every time they want to juice up their device.

The leak also revealed that Samsung will soon release the EP-N5200 that can provide 20W of power to Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and will serve as a charging stand for the upcoming flagship device. Quandt also shared that the FCC specs show a wireless charger using 15W, and noted that the accessory he is referring will draw the power rating a little notch higher. Unfortunately, the leaker did not mention if the wireless charger will be sold separately of will be a part of the bundle offer.

The iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max support only up to 10W of wireless charging. With the latest leak, it seems that the wireless charging capability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus will allow its users to have lesser charging time compared to that of Apple iPhones. So far, the South Korean tech titan has not yet released any statement regarding this leak.

What is concrete at this moment is that the company will have an event on August 7 in New York, which is most likely an announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Will the company also launch the 20W wireless charger as part of the package or as a separate accessory?